A Thank You Letter to Abby Wambach

Dear Abby Wambach,

Last night you officially played your last game for the United States Women’s National Team. You finished an incredible career—helping bring women’s sports into the spotlight. You will never be replaced or forgotten because you are inspiration to so many girls (including me!).

You have accomplished so much throughout your career. You are the world’s all-time leading goalscorer, a leader, and an advocate. You’re literally the greatest of all time. Thank you for showing the world just what women are capable of. And thank you for showing the world just what it means to be a captain—you have been a leader on and off the field for the longest time.

Abby, you are America’s captain. You have led and inspired a generation of female athletes. You have taught us how to be strong, clutch, and BADASS. From shattering records on the field to advocating for women off the field, no one can do it quite like you, #20. I mean, your retirement plans are to fight for gender equality! You will never give up and for that I thank you.

I was watching some highlight videos earlier today—of your first goal and the finals where you won the World Cup. I noticed how there a huge difference in crowd size. The stadiums went from being almost empty to sold out and that is partially because of you.

You taught a generation of girls to dream big. You told us that we could do whatever we want and we deserve everything that men got. You have taught to us to work hard, to fight hard, and to fight for each other. You put the “US” in USA because you always played for your team and your country.

I know you want us to forget you—to move on to bigger and better things in women’s soccer—but, you are a giant and it is impossible to forget all that you have done. I can’t wait to see what you will go on to do. I was just a small little Indian girl and you showed me that I can do whatever I wanted.

So Abby Wambach, thank you for being the captain we needed. Thank you for the past 14 years. Thank you for never giving up.

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