11 Frank Sinatra Covers That Are (Almost) As Good As The Originals


I’ll never forget this one time when I was at the grocery store. There was a TV Guide special on Frank Sinatra, and lo and behold, there I was fan-girling over the issue– when unexpectedly, (person who should not be named) responded by giving me the weirdest look and asking, “Who’s Frank Sinatra?”

Who. Is. Frank Sintra.

For anyone who doesn’t know who Frank Sinatra is, I promise you you’re mistaken. You definitely know his music; you just don’t realize it. He is every wedding band’s go-to playlist and he is one of the few in this world who has made romance anything but corny. His music reminds us what it’s like to be young and in love, and if nothing else, Frank Sinatra was your all-American heartthrob of the 20th century who would have been your #MCM every week had Instagram been a thing in the 1920s.

This week, in honor of our weekly AF and #MCM, here is a playlist curated to some of the best Frank Sintra covers. Listen and weep, darlings. (For the covers that Spotify didn’t have, check them out on YouTube below.)

“New York, New York”- Reel Big Fish

“Strangers In The Night”- Cake

“Come Fly With Me” – Michael Bublé

“Willow Weep For Me “- The Kills

“The Christmas Waltz” – She & Him

“The Way You Look Tonight” – Maroon 5

“I’ll Never Smile Again” – Priscilla Ahn

“Fly Me To The Moon”- Joshua Radin

“The Things We Did Last Summer” – A Fine Frenzy

“London By Night” – Greg Laswell

“All Of Me” – Meiko


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  • The words Who.Is. Frank Sinatra have shot out my mouth more times than I care to remember, so seeing this article made me chuckle a little at the though of someone else saying them. If you haven’t already heard, I think you may like Ben L’oncle Soul’s album Under My Skin. I noticed from another article that you live in NY and he’ll be stopping in Brooklyn on 15th July.

    ps. Just found your blog and it’s great

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