10 Things Every Twenty-something Woman Needs In Her Life

1) A Reliable Doctor


Growing up means, first and foremost, learning how to take care of ourselves. Spoiler alert: There will be times when this will involve a doctor. It doesn’t have to be a world-class specialist; feeling at ease and being able to talk frankly with them are far more important requirements. Take the time to find someone you’re comfortable with and make them your primary care giver. There’s piece of mind in having someone who is very familiar with your health history.


2) A Special Someone


Let me stop you right there: This is not about a significant other. While having someone special to share our lives with is important, this shouldn’t feel like a necessity. Let’s not forget that the most meaningful relationship we’ll ever have in our lives is the one with ourselves. The person we see when we look in the mirror is the one who’ll stick around the longest: Let’s make accepting, cherishing, and staying true to her a priority.


3) A Vibrator


Speaking of self-love, how do we expect our partners to make us happy if we don’t know how to get there on our own? Explore, do your research, experiment, and once you’ve found what you like, treat yourself to it! Think you know yourself perfectly by now? That’s great—but why stop there? Novelty is key!


4) A Support Network


Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Things can get tough, and knowing who to turn to in times of need is essential. Friends, family, a therapist: the more, the merrier—as long as you know you can count on them. But remember: try not to get upset if they’re not immediately available for you. They might be doing the best they can in a way you aren’t seeing just yet.

Also, don’t forget to celebrate your victories with them too: they’ll definitely want to hear about those as well!


5) A Survival Kit for Emotional Emergencies


For those times when you can’t (or don’t want to) reach out to others, make sure you know how to cheer yourself up. Start a happy thoughts jar; take care of your body from head to toe; treat yourself to your favourite comfort food. This can be anything you like, as long as it’s effective, and you can keep it on hand.


6) An Appropriate Wardrobe


To my great dismay, we live in a world where pants exist, and cosy PJs are considered not appropriate outside of the confines of our houses. While this offers some advantages (Shopping! Colours! Patterns!), it can also present some difficulties, especially when we’re trying to make room for ourselves at the adults’ table. But fear not, for here comes solid advice from our everyday lives as young professionals—and fashionable ladies! We even wrote your next shopping list for you.


7) A Make-up Combo to Feel Invincible


The right outfit can go a long way, but count on make-up to take it even further. Find those tones and colours that work for you, and learn how to rock them! Whether you favour nails, eyes, or lips, we’ve got you covered—round-up of experts included!


8) A Passion to Cultivate


If you’re lucky enough to find joy and fulfillment in your day job, then congratulations, darling! You worked hard to get there, and you’ve earned it. But if that doesn’t apply, don’t let a mediocre job (or lack thereof) crush your spirits! Find something that you enjoy doing, and invest on it as much time and energy as you can spare. A sport, a hobby, a cause: everything counts! Because yes, money is important—but so is being content with your life.


9) A List of Travel Destinations


Whoever said, “Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer” was absolutely right. Even if you’re sure you’ve found that perfect spot on the planet where everything feels just right, try to leave it for a while and see something new! Your home will still be there when you get back. And if you don’t feel like going far, explore what you have around you but you’ve always considered too close to be worth a visit. Beautiful places and adventures await!


10) A Path to Follow


For some, it’s a five-year plan that will hopefully lead them to a nice house, a fulfilling career, and a loving family. For others, it’s figuring out their future as they go; never planning more than a few months ahead. In between these two ends of the spectrum, there are endless possibilities: pick the road that suits you best and start walking. Just make sure you know where you’re going and why you’re doing whatever fills your days. Losing yourself is only good if it results in finding a new you—maybe someone whose skin you feel more comfortable in.


What do you think is a must-have for twenty-something women? Did we forget something? Tell us in the comments or tweets us @litdarling !


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