9 Items Every Lazy Person Needs In Their Closet

I don’t have time to be fashionable. I’m a very busy lady with a lot of important things to do every day. As a result, I’ve decided to start a whole new fashion movement. It’s called “it’s winter, I’m cold, let’s all wear blankets.”

OK, fine—that’s all total bullshit. I have time, and I don’t want to wear a blanket all the time, but I hate shopping. Clothes stress me out. Fashion shows and malls make me nervous. So do mannequins. Plus, I’m lazy. Not about everything, but very, very much when it comes to fashion.

I wish it was OK to not wear clothes all the time. I used to panic in high school about what to wear because I thought, like most teen girls, that what you wore defined your reputation forever and ever. I didn’t have that scary dream where I was worried about being in my underpants—I would’ve rather been in my underpants instead of stressing about whether my jeans were cool or not. When I left high school, I realized that wearing the same thing every day is totally cool, as long as you know how to mix and match it enough so that people don’t realize. I also realized that if you are super lazy about what you’re wearing, that people almost respect you for it. They may even call you things like “artsy” and “European” if you really start to pull it off.  Forget Vogue and high fashion: It is time for the era of the Lazy Lady.

Here is a good list of what to wear if you’re lazy and need a quick outfit fix:

1. Black leggings

Black leggings are a saving grace. You can wear them to bed. You can wear them to walk your dog. They work at the gym. You can wear them under a skirt to a party or your job. You can wear them in a car, you can wear them in a bar. You can wear them here or there, you can wear them anywhere! Black leggings for the win! (At Literally, Darling, we really love leggings.)

You can always go for sporty with Lulululemon,or Athleta. Too shop sells non sporty leggings in multi packs:

2. Get yourself a signature color that you wear over and over again.

I like black the best. Black shirts on black leggings make a wicked uniform. You can go to Forever 21 and buy five different black shirts for every day of the week that go great over leggings.  

Examples of shirts:

I call this “Lazy-Sophisticated”

These are good for everyday.

Have one nice button down shirt to wear just in case you need to go somewhere slightly nicer. I have one black one and one royal blue one.

3. A sweatshirt/cardigan

If you want to dress up your one-color shirt that you wear everyday, make sure you have a cardigan or a hoodie. They’re comfy and you can hide inside of them for cozy times. Get one in a generic-enough color so that it goes with everything. (Red is my go-to because it pops against black and looks like an awesome fashion-conscious choice instead of a lazy choice.)

Here’s one from H&M I dig that is kind of long.  Great colors too!

Also, check out one of my personal lazy favorites: A HOODIE DRESS: Guys! It’s a hoodie AND a dress. Everybody wins.

4. Wooly socks/legwarmers

Throw these over your leggings before you wear boots for a look that screams, “I sort of thought this through!” Different colors are a must, especially if you are wearing the black uniform. If you change up your sock colors, it makes you look like you’re wearing a different outfit every day. I’m serious, people won’t notice. Colors will distract them. They’ll just be like, “cool socks!”

Roots socks:

(They come in a bunch of colors! I buy new pairs every year because I wear holes into them.)

5. Ripped Tights

Buy one pair of tights. Even when it gets rips in it, keep wearing them. No needy to buy more. Ripped tights are cool. It’s not lazy to wear them—it shows you have a lot of life experience. Boots go over these!

I honestly recommend buying tights from your local dollar store. No one ever knows the difference, they’re one dollar, and extra rippy.

See Also
people wearing pair of multicolored socks

6. One dress

You can throw these over your ripped tights or your leggings. If you get one in stripes, polka dots, or a solid obnoxious color, people will get excited about it. The crazier the pattern, the more they think you’re on to something that’s a style secret. Go for multicolored, go for sparkles. The more you can’t explain it, the more not lazy you will look. Even better is going through some of your relative’s wardrobes to find out if they have anything lying around from the ’70s or ’80s.

I like one’s like this, mostly because you can throw them over leggings, or wear them with tights.

Here’s a fancier, also adaptable choice.

7. Sunglasses

No make-up necessary with these bad boys on. You can have that “I just rolled out of bed and am slightly hung over” look forever and ever. Eye circles? Who cares. You look cool. Remember to wear them indoors.

8. Black Boots

These are a great addition to your lazy bum wardrobe, because they go with EVERYTHING. Plus you get to look like an awesome bad ass/secret spy. They also come in lots of styles, so they’re a guaranteed hit in anyone’s repertoire.

I use these Frye boots as a good example, but they’re on the pricier side, and I actually do not own a pair. H&M, Forever 21, Payless, and lots of other places make great boots that knock off this style.

Bonus Items:

* Messy bun on top of your head

I love these. They’re great for everyday, especially because you don’t need to ever brush your hair. You can wear the same bun every day until you wash your hair. POINT FOR WINTER LAZINESS!


Do it. When you wear only things you love, even if it looks ridiculous, there’s a natural confidence that will shine through you. Plus, everyone will compliment you on it because you have the balls to do it.  Instantaneous awesome, and pretty lazy fashion using everyday items from your closet.

And if you need help affording these core basics, don’t forget a SheIn coupon because work clothes are pricey.

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