Coming Out Of The Democratic Closet

I’ve never really been a fan of political parties. Republican vs. Democrat just sounds too much like a MMA match on HBO, a.k.a. something I’d really rather avoid. Yet, for some reason, that’s exactly what our nation has become. We know, nine times out of 10, that our President will come from one of those two parties. We also know that before that decision is officially made, things will get ugly. Our Facebook pages will be flooded with posts from both sides, both parties arguing at how they’re better than the other one. Bickering, leaving passive aggressive comments on posts, and just being petty.

And so, for the longest time, I rejected being tied to any one political party. I hated the assumptions that came with identifying with either one. If I was Republican that meant that I was Southern, ignorant, and prejudiced. If I was a Democrat, then obviously I was a hippie, baby-killing, angry man-hater.

Aside from the stereotypes, I knew that my faith was a factor. Most Christians are Republicans, and I won’t deny that there are reasons for this that make sense. But there are also reasons for Christians to be Democrats. Helping the less fortunate, anyone? The truth is, there are issues on both sides I agree with. And don’t agree with. But after closer inspection, I’m starting to side more and more with one of these sides, and it’s not the one my family would want me to.

I haven’t officially claimed myself a Democrat yet, and I don’t know if I will, but I definitely side more with a Democratic stance on the issues than I do with Republican stances. Gun control? Call me crazy, but I’m gonna say that people on the no-fly list should probably not be able to purchase firearms. So, Democrat. Sexual assault, especially on college campuses? Well, seeing as how I am a college girl who—close your ears, Grandma—goes out to bars on the weekend, I’m going to say that victim blaming is crap. She, or he, is not asking for it by having a drink or wearing a super cute halter top. Sorry, but no. Democrat again. To me, though, those are no brainers. Then come the tougher issues.

Abortion. Yes, I think I woman should have a right to make her own decisions regarding her own body, but late-term abortion makes me want to cry. So, what is that? Republican or Democrat? I don’t have a clear-cut answer there, and that drives me crazy. And that’s not the only issue where I’m conflicted.

But part of that confliction is fear-based. Fear of what my family will say or think about my opinion that it really shouldn’t be a big deal if a woman marries a woman, or a man marries a man. Anxiety that they’ll shake their heads, sighing that “those darn Yankees” up at my “liberal school” have finally gotten to me. Because that has nothing to do with it.

Coming out of the (mostly) Democratic closet has nothing to do with what beliefs seem “cool” or more “educated.” Instead, it has everything to do with what I honestly think, believe, and feel.

I think it’s total and complete bullshit that women make less money than men. I think that the fact that the 1% even exists is sickening. But I also think that my mom, a single mother of four and a teacher, was screwed over by some recent Democratic policies. So while I’m not a purebred Democrat, I will most likely be voting Democratic this election season. Because, yes I am Christian, and my faith means a lot to me. But from what I can tell, more of my values line up with the Democratic agenda than the Republican one.

So, here I am. My name is Korey and I’m a Democrat. Sorry, family.

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