How to Reduce Your Energy Consumption and Save Money (Infographic)

By Uma Campbell

Think energy consumption isn’t relevant to your life? Think again. From mounting student loans to sky-high rent prices, it’s getting more and more expensive to just…well, live. Saving money is on the top of all of our wish lists especially at the beginning of the year. Even though it may seem impossible to cut back on current expenses, watching how we consume energy is a great place to start, and a great way to save. Being smart when it comes to energy has long been touted as a way to help the planet, but not many people talk about the money it helps you save, too.

So how is it done? Don’t worry, it won’t take long. Reducing your energy consumption isn’t a full-time job or big commitment, but rather little changes you can make throughout your day. You may think you’re being smart when it comes to using appliances efficiently, or remembering to adjust the thermostat when the weather fluctuates outside, but chances are, you’re still missing out on a ton of opportunities to save some cash.

Take a look at the following infographic to see what’s costing you the most money and what you can do about it to start seeing lower energy bills.


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Can you believe that all of these opportunities to save money have been right in front of you this whole time? Pretty mind-blowing, right? Making small changes to your energy consumption can add up in a big way, and the information above is just the beginning. Be mindful of the information you just learned, and incorporate it into your daily routine. As you leave the house for work, get into the habit of unplugging appliances not in use. These little changes take just a few seconds, but can add lots of dollars back to your wallet over time.


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UmaUma Campbell is a green loving yoga instructor and freelance writer. She currently lives in Southern California where she enjoys writing about natural living, health, and home design.@Umajcampbell
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