Perfect Drinks For A Geeky Valentine’s Day

Can you feel it in your fingers, darlings? Love is all around, and Valentine’s day is getting nearer!

This year, leave the red and pink cupcakes and the heart-shaped cookies to lovers with little imagination, and treat your special someone to something different—and more personal. Whether you’re a hard-core Tolkien fan, a Potterhead-for-life, or an irredeemable geek who can’t decide on one fandom, we’ve got you covered.

If you lack the time (or the will!) to cook something elaborate, or if you’re not feeling confident in your baking and cooking skills, remember that drinks are a fundamental part of every meal—even more so when you’re celebrating—and with the right ingredients and instructions, just about anyone can mix the perfect beverage.

Check out these recipes we handpicked for you, and find the perfect, geeky drink to treat your valentine—or your darling selves!


From Harry Potter

Food Network
Food Network

Great news: You don’t need magic to have a pint of Butterbeer! The Internet offers a recipe for every taste: some are warm, some are cold, some are sweeter, and some are more bitter. If you’re looking for something warm and butter-scotchy, Food Network’s recipe is a great pick; but if you don’t want to settle, check out this selection and find out which one you like the most.






From Star Wars

Sith & Jedi cocktails, Tipsy Bartender


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… there were so many brilliant drinks that we couldn’t pick just one! Thankfully, the ladies of Geek Girl Brunch solved the problem for us. They put together a comprehensive list of great recipes where you’ll definitely find something to suit your taste and to treat your special someone.

And if it’s not just the Force, but your hunger that is strong, get your hands on this themed cookbook to find more stellar recipes.



From Game of Thrones (AKA A Song Of Ice And Fire)

Geeky Chef


Valentine’s day might be near, but you and your partner know the truth: Winter is coming. What’s better than a glass of hot spiced wine to keep you warm? Well, that’s easy: a whole bottle of it! Grab a pitcher, follow the Geeky Chef Cassandra Reeder’s instructions, and serve this perfect hot drink to your hot date!





From The Lord of the Rings

Feast of Starlight


Do you believe in magic? If you don’t, we promise Feast of Starlight’s recipe for Miruvor, the cordial beverage of Rivendell, will make you wonder whether it’s real. A glass of this will cheer you up after a tough week and have you ready for a sweet weekend in no time! Or help you forget whatever ails you—depending on how much you have. The warm mead, cinnamon, and honey are soothing and invigorating, and the edible flowers as decorations provide the classiest touch. Enjoy with an Elvish toast: Almién!





From Doctor Who

Nerds & Nomsense
Nerds & Nomsense


Hard-core Whovian feeling neglected? Fear not, for here’s a time-stopping take on the Sonic Screwdriver by Nerds & Nomsense! With quick and simple steps to follow and easy-to-get ingredients, this recipe makes for a simple-yet-unordinary drink that’s guaranteed to make an impression. You’ll want to travel back in time and tell your younger self about this.





From Literature

Olfactoria’s Travels


If the one thing you love more than a good book is an equally good drink to pair it with, look no further: embrace your inner bookworm, and start mixing one of these literary drinks. They’re not just delicious, they’re pun-tastic too: A Sex on the Chisel Beach will be perfect for a Galentine’s celebration, and count on a Margarita Atwood to get the real serious conversation started. If you’re feeling fancy—and perhaps a bit decadent—indulge in one (or three) of author F. S. Fitzgerald’s favourite cocktails. A roaring time is guaranteed!





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