How To Get The X-Files-Inspired Office Of Your Dreams

The X-Files revival may be gearing down, but Mulder and Scully are still near and dear to our hearts. To put it simply, X-Files isn’t a show. It’s a lifestyle. We all want Mulder and Scully in our lives, and what better way than to let our favorite crime fighting duo inspire our lifestyle?

If you have an office or office area that’s desperately in need of some design, I challenge you to consider an X-Files-inspired office decor. You don’t have to take your design aesthetic from the Lone Gunmen or plaster little green men across your walls. But you can easily create a modern and trendy space while paying homage to your favorite show.



Floor Lamp ($198), Natural Wood & Metal Desk ($129-$149), Filing Cabinet ($149), Metal Chair ($119)

You can’t have an X-Files-inspired office without your basic essentials. I recommend this industrial desk with ample storage, accompanied by the prerequisite filing cabinet for storing all your files on sasquatch sightings. And what office would be complete without a big ass bulletin board? Be sure to pick up a map and some pushpins so you can make one of those crazy conspiracy webs on it. Red yarn not included.


Dana Scully Planter ($42), Fox Mulder Pillow ($23), Native American Blanket ($45

While you enjoy your floral bouquet artfully arranged in your Dana Scully planter and relax on your Fox Mulder pillow, wrap yourself up in a Native American inspired blanket and reminisce on the time that Mulder got pulled out of a burnt train car full of alien bodies and tripped balls with some Native Americans.


Galaxy Clock ($39.92), Mulder Poster ($21.50), Quote Crosstitch ($15)

Every office needs some sweet ass wall art, and you can’t have an X-Files theme without the all important “I Want To Believe” poster. Be sure to strategically place it so that you can easily throw pencils at it. Follow it up with a darling cross stitch, and a galaxy clock so you can tell time while pondering the complexities of the larger universe.

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