How To Look Sophisticated AF With Minimal Effort

By Erin Russell

Somewhere along the way, I missed the lessons on how to become a girl. You know the type I’m talking about; those who can effortlessly curl their hair, have bad-ass winged eyeliner and look good in a pair of leggings and a messy bun. I unfortunately, can do none of these things, and at 22, feel as though I am skating along the top of the girl line. Sure, I know how to put on foundation and how to plait, but the skills that I’m lacking are what’s stopping me from achieving ultimate girl-dom. I know these things don’t necessarily make you a girl or not, because there are hundreds of ways to show just how rad of a girl you are, and yet it still bothers me. I am stuck in the perpetual stage of wanting to change, but being too lazy to do anything. In my state of laziness I’ve found a few tips that give the illusion of looking sophisticated, without any real effort.

1. Buy upscale clothing.

This one requires a little effort, but it’s a once-off thing that will definitely pay off in the long run. Instead of going to Target to buy cheap clothes that hardly last a season, try the more upscale clothing brands. All it requires is buying a few nice items, that you can then pair with everything, and you’re set. Less is more, and in this case, it’s definitely correct. A few nice shirts and a snazzy jacket will make it look as though you’ve spent hours pondering over which outfit to wear.

2. Wear lipstick.

This one seems so simple, which is what makes it so brilliant. Lipstick makes anyone look fancy and sophisticated, and literally all you’ve done is smear a wet, crayon-type object over your lips. Choose a colour that suits your complexion, stock up, and you’re done. You can save yourself precious sleeping time with this little trick.

3. Coordinate your nail colours.

It’s a well-known fact that if your fingernails and toenails match, you’ve got your life together. Painting your nails is an inexpensive and effective way to look that little bit classier. If you choose a basic colour like pastel blue or something equally as neutral, it will help you look flawless.

4. Know what hairstyle works for you.

I wish I had the energy to try out new hairstyles. My process is to look up a few YouTube tutorials, try them out once, and then claim it is my hair, or my face that is preventing the lack of look, and not the fact that I’m too damn lazy to have another go. Instead, I have found a few easy hairstyles that I can do, and that require not much more than running a brush through. If you know what hairstyles work for you, then it just makes it easier every morning. No thought has to go into it, and you’re out the door in 15.

5. Invest in your shoes.

It’s tempting to pick up that cheap pair of ballet flats from Target; believe me, we’ve all been there. In order to complete your lazy look, however, it’s going to require a good pair of shoes. Much like buying fancy shirts, a good pair of shoes can make all the difference. It turns your laid back look into smart casual. The best thing about good shoes is that they’ll last, so there’s no need to spend too much. They also look good with everything; going to work, out for drinks, these pair of shoes have you covered.


These tips don’t come from a place of malice—if anything it’s jealousy. I am in awe of the girls who know the right way to use contouring makeup, or who spend hours making sure their hair curls in just the right way, you go girls, and keep on going! But for us, the others, we’ll continue to be over here, complaining that our winged eyeliner doesn’t match and that using a straightener to curl your hair is impossible.

About Erin

IMG_2284Erin is still a student who is about to complete her BA in English. She is passionate about animals, writing and lists. On a normal day, you would find her curled up somewhere with a good book, preferably Harry Potter. She hopes to one day write a novel herself, and live with at least four cats.


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