How To Make Your Home Fit For A Weasley

Do you love the home of everyone’s favorite magical, ginger-haired family, but being a woeful muggle, are unsure how to decorate Weasley-style? You don’t have to have a wand, gnomes, or moving pictures in order to make your home into an abode that a Weasley would feel comfortable in, you just need the key (or the alohomora charm) to their style.

And what is their style? Well, living in the rustic countryside with nine kids, and little money and lots of magic, the Weasleys are a family that needs furniture that can get dirty, has a dash of eccentricity, and of course, that “homey” feel. It’s as easy as magic to spiff up your living space to feel like The Burrow.

Bedding and Such


We know Mrs. Weasley knits sweaters, and living with a tight budget, it’s pretty safe to assume that she would knit other things, like this simple but cozy Urban Outfitters throw blanket, or these comfy pillows and pillow covers. If you aren’t a fan of the knitted look, deck out your bed with this warm and bright quilt.

Wall Art


The Weasleys may or may not hang up wall art in their home (although I can imagine drawings made by some of the Weasley children pinned up), but you can still decorate with a Weasley-like mindset. Nothing says Weasley like this beautiful weasel art print does. Arthur Weasley would swoon over the map of the London Underground, and an adorable addition to your kitchen would be this tea time chalkboard art. For a more celestial and magical feel, this crescent moon with stars print is just right.


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Comfort and the ability to handle wear and tear is of the utmost importance for your Weasley-inspired furniture. Go with darker hues for your couches or chairs, like this squashy armchair. Or you can go more Gryffindor with this hardy couch from Urban Outfitters. When it comes to dining, trestle tables, like these from World Market and Wayfair, can accommodate a large amount of people, and they give off that country charm, even if you live in the middle of a city. For storage, think outside the box and store your books, magazines, or whatever you want, in these perfectly kooky storage shelves.


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Pretty central to The Burrow is the Weasley clock. No, these clocks won’t tell you the whereabouts of your family, but they do tell time, either with country charm, or in a traditional manner. If you want a mirror, go for the more rustic look, and if you want to show pride in your name (much like the “F” and “G” knitted onto the twins sweaters), be sure to get a large letter of your name to set on your mantelpiece. Adorn your curtains with these patchwork-inspired curtains, and for some magical lighting, use these star paper lanterns.


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When it comes to random knick-knacks, magical items are boss. But non-magical items are still cool, and these would fit right in the Weasley household. Deck out your door with this Pottery Barn owl door knocker, and hold back your curtains with this feather. For your potted plants, go with a simple (and therefore cheaper) pot, so as to let your plant get all the attention. Use these colorful candle holders for your many candles, and these mason jar bookends are perfect, as they can hold flowers, pencils, or floo powder. Oh, and for your tea? This owl teapot from Anthropologie, and these cheerful mugs would certainly be Weasley approved.

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