4 Fashion Labels That Really Care

by Kensey Ashia

As people become more aware of the changing climate conditions and the effect it has on us and our surroundings, the more inclined they are to make lifestyle changes to protect and preserve the world we live in. Looking at the fashion industry specifically, it appears that more brands are understanding the importance of making minimal environmental impacts when producing their clothes. From toddlers clothes to adult wear, everyone is doing their part to be Earth’s advocate and to promote sustainable living.

1. Kowtow


Women may love the textiles and minimalistic nature of the clothing, but Kowtow is celebrated for much more than just its forgiving silhouettes and easy-to-wear fabrics. Not only does the label use cotton that is 100% fairtrade and organic, Kowtow has documented and shared their seed-to-garment production to demonstrate how sustainability occurs at every step, a process comparable to the farm-to-table concept in the culinary world.

2. Tootsa MacGinty


Ethical fashion should start with your children. Even though the main objective for the children’s brand Tootsa MacGinty is to offer functional unisex clothing using a variety of colors, patterns and good quality fabrics, the award-winning label is also known for sourcing sustainably produced materials which are then created into ethically made childrenswear. Tootsa works closely with family-run factories in Portugal as well as with its manufacturer in China, all which have been registered under SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) to ensure that they comply with the proper standards.

3. behno


Sustainable clothing production is still a recurring problem and often more difficult to execute in developing countries, specifically in India where females in textile factories work for as little as under $1 a day to produce the most beautiful, hand-woven fabrics. Founder of behno Shivam Punjya, together with an Indian non-profit organization, decided to tackle this issue by restoring a collapsed factory in Bangladesh which would then be filled with locals receiving fair wages and working in comfortable conditions.

4. Marigold Fair Trade Company


As the eco fashion label describes, “Fair Trade provides a viable alternative by upholding a trade system that values human dignity and sustainability.” Manufacturing clothes for people of all ages, Marigold Fair Trade Company is dedicated in educating everyone from kids to adults on the sweatshop industry, and to challenge people at the individual, private and public sector levels to make changes for the betterment of those working hard to put clothes on your back. In addition to children and adult apparel, the label also carries yoga products and some home gifts to show that clothes are not the only way to connect consumers to the manufacturers and their stories.

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