Put Down That Cheese! Food And Med Combos That Are Bad News

Sure, everyone has been in that situation where you’re sick, but not like, SICK sick, so you have to be on antibiotics but you’re at the tail end of them and also a girl’s got needs so you kind of want to get down (and plus aren’t orgasms good for your health, or something?). During this time, you probably learned that most antibiotics render hormonal birth control (i.e. the pill) ineffective, and you may or may not have spent several panicked hours googling to see exactly which antibiotics cause this interaction and oh god do I really need a backup for a whole WEEK because this is a long distance relationship and IT’S BEEN A WHILE. So we’ve all learned something valuable from that experience about medication interactions, and the important thing was the lesson was learned in advance and not in the form of a baby.

The point is, how effective a medication is depends on a multitude of factors in your body. Even the foods you eat can have drastic interactions with meds—again, a lesson I learned when denied cheese for a week while fighting strep throat (arguably worse than previous scenario). Blink Health, a new company that’s working to bring down the price of generic prescriptions, created this infographic of common drug interactions to look out for, with interactions ranging from ineffectiveness to heart palpitations to death. So.

Of course, with any prescription, talk to your pharmacist (LITERALLY WHAT THEY ARE THERE FOR) to get the full scoop on in the interactions of your specific drug. And while you’re at it, maybe go check out Blink Health and see if they can save you some money on your meds. Now, here’s how to avoid a nuclear war within your body.

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