Beyond Coconut Oil: Natural Skincare Products from Unlikely Sources

If you’re an avid skincare and beauty news follower, you may already know that a flawless complexion is sometimes achieved by unusual means. I’m not talking about coconut oil or tea tree oil, but more in the league of snail cream. While other beauty patrons may instinctively reach for La Mer and other pricey potions and magic solutions, there is a growing group of consumers who prefer ingredients that are all-natural, organic, GMO and paraben free. Sometimes this means scrounging around in your own cabinets. Sometimes this means relying on products that you never would have guessed could combat tricky skin issues. Brands such as OSEA Malibu, ARCONA, or Skin Care By Alana provide skincare products that are both effective and free of harmful ingredients or additive substances.

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ARCONA Wine Oil, $58 for 15ml

You’ve tried argan oil, jojoba oil, even rosehip oil. But have you considered wine oil? ARCONA’s wine oil can be used as a daily facial moisturizer. The oil promises to “reverses signs of skin damage and rejuvenates dry skin, nourishing it to increase radiance and improve elasticity.” The list of active ingredients includes: grape seed oil, resveratrol (an antioxidant compound typically found in the skins of red grapes), cinnamon leaf oil, orange peel oil, and grape seed extract.

I found that the oil is so rich that three modest droplets are enough to effectively moisturize my entire face. Due to the thickness of the oil, it takes a minute or so before it fully absorbs. The scent is reminiscent of the cinnamon leaf and orange peel oil than grapes. After cleansing my skin, I applied the wine oil and then applied my daily moisturizer. The wine oil has really helped brighten and soothe my complexion and can serve as a good moisturizer on its own. Although the wine oil is suitable for all skin types, consumers in dry, unforgiving climates are the ideal users.

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OSEA Malibu Ocean Cleansing Mud, $44 for 6oz   

I never thought that mud from the ocean could work as an acne-fighter. OSEA’s ocean cleansing mud is an exfoliator that aims to get rid of: “impurities, clears blemishes, and controls excess sebum production.” Ingredients include: jojoba seed oil, safflower seed oil, essential oils of rosemary, sage, lavender, and peppermint. Although my skin can get oily and suffer the random breakout, I didn’t think that it would be beneficial to use the cleansing mud every day. I was worried that it would dry out my skin. I opted to use the mud once a week, adding it to my nighttime skincare regime. The mud leaves a kind of tingly feeling on your skin, though it’s not painful or uncomfortable. After applying the mud, I calmed down my skin with an all-purpose, hydrating. I used the Rescue + balm by CosMedix.

Although it didn’t magically clear up all of my blemishes, the cleansing mud did help clarify my complexion and keep overproduction of oil at bay. If you have extremely sensitive skin, I wouldn’t recommend using the cleansing mud twice a day.

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OSEA Malibu Red Algae Mask, $48 for 1.7oz

This mask is meant to alleviate breakouts and purify pores. Ingredients include, but are not limited to: French red clay, sesame seed oil, jojoba seed oil, Canadian willow bark extract, Vitamin E, red wine extract, and marigold extract. The mask can be applied twice a week, but I chose to use it as a spot treatment. I was surprised that the mask was able to dry out and zap out zits so effectively.

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OSEA Malibu Essential Hydrating Oil, $32 for ⅓ oz

This oil, which is a mixture of lavender, roman, chamomile, calendula and geranium oils, vows to “restore a youthful glow and a healthy luster to skin suffering from the effects of sun damage, dehydration and aging.” The oil is packaged in a rollerball, like a mini-perfume. Unfortunately, the oil didn’t agree with my skin. When layered under moisturizer, it caused breakouts on my cheek. I think the combination of oils used to compile the formula were just too overwhelming for my temperamental complexion.

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OSEA Malibu Atmosphere Protection Cream, $44 for 2oz

OSEA’s protection cream functions as a lightweight moisturizer for just about any skin type (dry, normal, combo, sensitive). It contains a base of emollient algae, in addition to the following ingredients: macadamia seed oil, shea butter, avocado oil, lavender oil and grapefruit peel oil. If you’re someone who prefers or need a heavier moisturizer, this one might not be for you. However, it does make a great primer for liquid foundation or powder!  

To locate ARCONA or OSEA products, visit their respective websites for stockists.

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