Spotify Playlists To Get You Through Your Day

For The Morning — “Indie Brunch”

Obviously, this playlist works perfectly if you’re having brunch with some of your bearded and fashionable friends. But it’s also a great playlist to put on first thing in the morning while you’re dragging your ass out of bed and getting ready for the day. It’s mellow enough that it’s not abrasive first thing in the morning, but there are more than a few peppy tracks to get you pumped and put you in a good mood.

Listen To: Father John Misty, The Barr Brothers, Hozier, Shakey Graves, Bahamas + more

For Work — “Guilty Pleasures”

While some of us have very discerning and specific musical tastes, when your plugging in your headphones to encourage some productivity at work, most of the time you need something peppy, upbeat, and a little mindless to get you through your day. Spotify’s “Guilty Pleasures” playlist is the perfect playlist for this—and if your boss pops over and asks what you’re listening to, it’s generic enough that you won’t get any weird looks.

Listen to: Ace of Base, Wham!, Everclear, Katy Perry + more

For The Gym – “Indie Workout”

Why do people assume that the only appropriate workout music is intense electronica or rap? Don’t get me wrong, they’ve got their time and place. But I’m in enough pain while working out, and the ensuing headache I get from EDM doesn’t exactly help. If you’re like me, I highly recommend Spotify’s “Indie Workout.” Their definition of “indie” is kind of funny in this playlist, since it’s basically just a compilation of beat-heavy songs that aren’t rap or electronic. But it’s work a listen.

Listen To: Jake Bugg, The Black Keys, Fitz and The Tantrums, Modest Mouse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs + more


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