How To Decorate Your Home Like Nashville’s Scarlett O’Connor

When she’s not singing at the Bluebird cafe or touring national arenas, Nashville’s Scarlett O’Connor can be found seeking inspiration for her next song from her poetry or on again-off again romance with Gunnar Scott. This self-declared homebody is surrounded by famous relatives and friends, but despite all the drama in her life she manages to stay grounded by taking just enough time away from the spotlight to reflect on what’s really important. In these moments, Scarlett takes refuge in spaces that reflect her daydreamy tunes and unending compassion, finding comfort in lace, tulle, prints, and pillows.

While few of us can replicate her melodic voice or ear for the perfect rhyme, we can imitate Scarlett’s style that can only be described as bohemian fairytale with a country twang. Here are a few Scarlett O’Connor essentials to fine tune your home into the perfect cozy retreat.

Decorative Pillows


The first time Scarlett goes out on tour, she brings her favorite pillow to make her crowded tour bus feel a little more like home. Like most of her clothing this pillow is covered in frills and florals, adding a soft touch to the cramped quarters she shares with two ex-boyfriends and a diva country star. Browse Modcloth for bright, textured throw pillows for your bed or couch.

Fairy Lights


A bit more subdued than the spotlights of the Grand Ole Opry, fairy lights are an easy way to enchant any dark space. Hang these above your bed or in your favorite nook and never have a night without stars. For an added elegance, buy or create lights interwoven with artificial flowers to imitate the floral crowns Scarlett often wears on stage.


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Before her ex burned it in a drunken rage, Scarlett’s couch was where she composed some of her best music, made some of her most heartfelt confessions, and…uh…you know. Although none too impressive by itself, this massive piece of furniture was draped with beautiful quilts – perfect for snuggling in while watching the CMAs or merely adding color and pattern to the drab couch cushions. Anthropology offers a wide selection of colors and patterns.

End Table

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Scarlett couldn’t possibly unwind in a room that wasn’t conducive to dreaming and bursts of inspiration. Add a simple bedside table where you can store your journal should you awake in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea or heart-fluttering poem. This space can be used for books, teacups, bouquets, or knickknacks – take advantage of the extra surface area to incorporate small whimsical items into the room and even cover up empty wall space. Get inspired with new textures and drawers to store your love notes and secret treasures.

Marquee Letters

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 7.28.01 AM
Haven’t you always wanted to see your name (or at least the first letter of your name) in lights? We’ve already established that you don’t have to be a country star to live like Scarlett O’Connor, but you can borrow a few elements from center stage. Marquee letters are warm and rustic accents to an otherwise empty wall or shelf. Neither too flashy nor entirely subtle, these irresistable decorations are reminiscent of old Hollywood and revived honkey-tonks. Can’t you already hear the applause?

Country Music Posters

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 8.31.23 PM    Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 8.33.42 PM

With a country music legend for an uncle and as a rising star herself, Scarlett’s home wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the greatest country artists. Etsy offers vintage posters of Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and other members of the Grand Ole Opry family.

So slip on your cowboy boots, darlings, and get decorating. With these pieces in your home you won’t need the strum of a guitar or the plucking of a banjo to fill the aesthetic void in your bedroom or living room, but to set the tone why not listen to some of Scarlett’s greatest hits?


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