How To Turn Your House Into The Apartment From The Mindy Project

Mindy Lahiri’s apartment in The Mindy Project has been one of my absolute favorite designs for as long as I can remember. Even as I rewatch old episodes, I find myself paying as much attention to Mindy’s surroundings as I do the dialogue and plotlines. It’s just so cheerful! I can’t imagine anyone’s actual apartment in NYC looking as colorful and perfectly curated as Mindy’s, but I feel that her style is one of the more attainable ones on TV today.


The bold, feminine aspects of Mindy’s personality and wardrobe are perfectly reflected through her apartment’s design and decor. Generally speaking, her apartment is a combination of bright neutrals and rich accent colors. There’s a balance between traditional furniture and modern touches with metallic artwork and lamps. She sticks to a color palette of mostly whites/creams, oranges, and deep blues/purples. The built-in shelves in her apartment are loaded with books on books on books (especially ones with colorful spines), picture frames, colorful bowls, and geometric vases. She’s basically living my apartment dreams.

In keeping your walls and major furniture pieces on the neutral side, you have more room to play around with mixing patterns, colors, and textures. Check out some of my Mindy Lahiri-inspired picks below for inspiration!


This is one of those pieces you want to keep simple—these two examples are from Houzz and Ikea. As long as you pick a couch that’s plush and neutral, you’ll have a lot of fun with adding more personality with pillows and blankets. Sleepify has a great review on plush but neutral sofa.  

Throw Pillows

Play around with patterns, textures, and colors! Mindy mixes solid pillows with patterned pillows, all with the general deep blue/purple/orange color palette. These picks are from Wayfair and Target (and Target).

Throw Blankets

Similar to the throw pillows, pick blankets in the same color family, but mix up the textures and patterns. And come on, we all know you can never have too many throw blankets. Check out this Boho throw and this Chevron throw, both from Target.

Statement Chair

Mindy has an adorable yellow accent chair in her living room setup. If you have room to play around with additional seating, consider getting a statement chair with fun, floral patterns. If you’d get more use out of furniture that can double as storage, investing in a bold colored ottoman is a perfect option! These adorable options are from Target and Wayfair.


Mindy has a variety of lamps in her apartment—a bold colored base with a neutral shade is a perfect option. Consider adding in a metallic base and add color with the shade. You can tie in your modern lamps with your wall art as well!

Wall Art

Walls are a great place to add more interest in your apartment. Mindy has a variety of wall art throughout her place—both graphic prints and metallic accent pieces. You can find these two here and here.


Mindy’s living room area is carried into her dining area with bright orange drapes that have a little pattern and texture to them. In her bedroom, she keeps things on the neutral side with white linen or cotton drapes. Either way, drapes are a great way to brighten up the room and keep things feeling airy.

Colored Glass Chandelier

One of the most iconic pieces in Mindy’s apartment is the turquoise glass chandelier above her glass dining room table. I love how this adds a light, bright, feminine touch to her place. And it carries more of the blue hues around her place! Amazon and Etsy are good options for finding something similar. (If you were hoping to splurge on the actual chandelier in Mindy’s apartment, it’s from Z Gallerie, but be warned—it’s no longer on their site.)

Statement Headboard

One of my absolute features in Mindy’s apartment is her huge, tufted headboard. I love how it adds texture and brings your eyes up as you look at it. Makes the room feel bigger and bolder! Both Target and Overstock have great options (bonus points for the Overstock one, because it has nailhead details that add even more texture and brings a badass vibe that I could totally see Mindy going after).


Mindy’s bed consistently looks like the comfiest bed in the world. So clean and plush! Keep things light and bright with neutral bedding—Mindy’s has subtle pops of color/pattern. Check out these options from West Elm and Target. If you prefer more colorful bedding, go for it! Mindy’s bedding changes and she incorporates more color throughout the seasons.

Bedroom Ottoman

In addition to the dreamy statement headboard, Mindy’s bedroom has a colorful accent piece right at the foot of her bed. This doubles as a place to sit while getting ready and a place to store extra bedding/blankets. These two are from (surprise) Target and Wayfair.


Last but not least, I’ve got to give a shout out to Mindy’s bright orange door. I love that it ties together the bursts of orange throughout her place. While not everyone has the ability to paint their apartment door, I figured the next best thing would be a funny doormat for a little extra doorway personality. This one is from Lulu & Georgia, and if you ask me, it’s totally something Mindy (aka Beyoncé Pad Thai) would have in her apartment.

So whether you pick and choose a few Mindy-style details to add to your space or you decide to go full-on Mindy Lahiri, I can guarantee your place is going to feel a little more bright and cheerful. At the very least, I hope you feel inspired to rock your inner Mindy (because yeah, I think we’ve all got a little Mindy in us).

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