Organize Your Small Spaces With These Super Cute Tips

Having a small space can be difficult when you have a lot of stuff and nowhere to put it. Luckily, there are many cute and easy ways to organize any living space to fit your needs.

For your bathroom

Baskets and organizers are your best friend in the bathroom. My least favorite thing is a messy bathroom counter, and my favorite solutions are cute and simple. For all your makeup, invest in a clear plastic storage organizer. I’ve found many at Marshalls and TJMaxx for under $10, and you can also buy them on Amazon or at the Container Store.



For your miscellaneous hair and body products, grab a basket or storage bin to leave on your counter. Having one container to hold everything is more aesthetically pleasing than dozens of bottles here and there, and it’ll be easier to find things quickly when you need them. You can use baskets for styling tools, too.

In the bedroom

The best way to organize your bedroom is to use pieces that are functional and blend in well. Bookcases are an obvious choice for books, but you can use them to store decorative pieces or nick knacks, DVDs, and more. Have a lot of miscellaneous items on your nightstand? Consider investing in a decorative storage box—they’re cute and look like a decorative accent, but are perfect for storing whatever you need to keep handy. These are easy to find at TJMaxx or the At Home Store.



Another key to organizing a bedroom is utilizing otherwise empty space. For example, my nightstands were two cheap coffee tables from Target, so there was empty space underneath. I grabbed two fabric bins (meant for cube organizers) to store DVDs and miscellaneous items, and put one under each—instantly using space I couldn’t do anything with before.



General tips

For other spaces, what you need will depend on what other furniture you’re working with. But in general, look for pieces that are functional and affordable. If it’ll save space and make your life easier, it might be worth a small investment up front. This TV stand is under $50 but has many spaces that can be used for a DVD player, to store movies, or to hold a decorative item. In the kitchen, minimize counter clutter by utilizing your drawer and cabinet space. Consider a utensil organizer by your stovetop to keep cooking tools handy in one convenient spot you can fit them in later.

You may spend some time hunting around for the perfect pieces that meet your decorating needs and help organize a space, but they’re worth the investment when you can breathe easy knowing your stuff is easy to find in its proper place!


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