The 9 Best Relationships on Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy has been on TV for over a decade. It’s already been renewed for Season 13, which will premiere this fall, with no signs of slowing down. Cast members leave to pursue other roles or jobs and Grey’s Anatomy gets a new class of interns or residents to pick up the slack. For those of us who just can’t shake the Grey’s habit we’ve watched our favorite characters fall in and out of love again and again.

This season has Meredith dealing with being a mom and a recent widow and maybe (just maybe) getting back in the dating pool. So to celebrate new love let’s take a look at the best relationships on Grey’s Anatomy.



I will ship this ship till I die. They were meant to be and despite all the drama surrounding their tumultuous relationship they were and are perfect for each other. There is a good reason Mark’s nickname is McSteamy, and these two OMG. As much as I love having Chyler on Supergirl I will forever miss Slexie. BRB sobbing.



Everyone knows about Meredith and Derek. What started as a scandalous relationship between an attending doctor and intern soon turned into a relationship with a married man. But we never stopped fighting for McDreamy to get his crap together and for Meredith to stop being all dark and twisty. They have been through more than any other couple and I still miss seeing them fight and make up every week. Now we’re all a little McDreary after losing Derek.



I both love and hate this relationship. Mostly because when they are good they are GOOD. They are good to and for each other, and they seem invincible then next thing I know someone is crying. Like all the docs at SGM they have had their share of insurmountable trauma. I always think they are past it only to realize they aren’t. Still hoping they can get their act together.



OK yeah these two have a metric TON of problems, but for some reason they work. Despite all the things that divide them. She was a virgin and then she wasn’t and she blamed him wrongly then made him bad for continuing to sleep with her. She left him (to be a surgeon in war torn countries—but still) after the death of their son. His attitude when she came back and since he found out she was pregnant again has been less than stellar, but for some reason I think they belong together.



I don’t love Cristina or Burke as characters. They are cold and mean with rare moments of care and feeling and I don’t understand them. That is why they were perfect for each other. Two heartless cardio surgeons living happily ever after. I don’t even wanna hear your crap about how Cristina and Owen belong together after she dragged him around for years. NOPE not having that.



Alex deserves someone after all the trainwrecks he’s fallen for. Finally we got Jo. She understands a messed up home life, and can certainly hold her own when she needs to defend herself. I love that their relationship started out as friends first, and despite a couple hiccups doesn’t include the drama levels most other Grey’s Anatomy relationships seem to attract.



Maybe if Denny hadn’t died we wouldn’t have had to deal with all the Alex and Izzie drama. I mean it was sweet when they got married but we all knew Izzie should’ve been with Denny. When she got cancer and started hallucinating him I, like everyone else, wondered what the hell was happening, but even in death he was still there to comfort her and help her with a terrible diagnosis. Still not over this SHONDA.

Honorable Mentions:


Obviously not a romantic relationship but they were each other’s person, the twisted sisters, more than best friends they were family. When Derek died, I kinda hoped we’d see Meredith holed up in Switzerland with Cristina while she healed, but no luck. Despite that I still love Cristina and Meredith’s dark and twisty friendship.


Another friendship but the list of best relationships wouldn’t be complete without Mark and Derek. Mark might’ve ruined his marriage but without that Derek wouldn’t have met Meredith so he really owes him a lot. Plus I want the kind of friendship where I could get past something like that simply because I needed my best friend.

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