7 Moments When Lorelai Gilmore Was Relatable AF

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Lorelai Gilmore is a goddess: smart, witty, beautiful, and a hustler to the core. But she isn’t perfect, and her quirks and mistakes make her relatable as f*ck. Just last week, Netflix announced that the four episode Gilmore Girls revival will be released sometime in 2016(!), and with constant re-watching of the series, it sometimes gets you right in the feels just how much we are all a lot like Lorelai Gilmore every now and then. Here are some of the best moments when Lorelai was everybody, even if just for a second.

Going To Be Alone Forever

“But every now and then, just for a moment I wish I had a partner, someone to pick up the slack, someone to wait for the cable guy, make ME coffee in the morning. Meet the stupid sink before it gets shipped back to Canada!”

Lorelai is in the final stages of seeing her dream—opening her own inn—being realized, when she falls into a puddle of tears at Luke’s. Sookie has become undependable, she’s run out of money, and she has a thousand tasks to take care of, and is feeling it. While we may all be Goddess Boss Bitches, it doesn’t necessarily mean we have it all together all the time. Sometimes it really would be nice to have a partner, a friend, or a teammate to help out every now and then.


On How We Feel About Coffee

“I can’t stop drinking the coffee, I stop drinking coffee, I stop doing the standing, and the walking, and the words-putting-into-sentences doing.”

We love it, we need it, we survive on it. And for Lorelai, her lifestyle depends on her favorite caffeinated fix. Why? She legit runs her own inn (and before that, she was a student at the same time as managing an inn), she is a mother first and foremost, a daughter with family duties, a homeowner, crazy active in basically every town event, and she still has time for friends, dating, and for herself. How the woman gets all of this done and is still fabulous is almost unbelievable, but then insert coffee, coffee, coffee into the equation. Makes sense. Personally speaking, I know of a number of teachers who rely heavily on coffee, just like Lorelai, and I know they can’t be the only ones who share that love/dependency of the aromatic beverage.


We All Just Want To Find Someone Nice Enough

“He wants the date to go well. I mean, it’s all any of us wants — to find a nice person to hang out with ’til we drop dead. Not a lot to ask.”

It’s true, that is what we want. Yes, Kirk’s preparations are creepy, anal, and weird, but as many of us know, and as Lorelai flat out says, we just want to find a nice enough person who thinks we are nice enough too. Hell, we even have Tinder to prove are continuous search for that nice enough person.


On Being A Super Fan In A Fandom

“It’s a religion.”
Lorelai easily sums up how many of us feel about Game Of Thrones, Harry Potter, Gilmore Girls, and countless other fandoms. No Dean, they aren’t just shows, books, and movies but something, much, much more: a religion. With Lorelai as a single mom and not that much money floating around, watching movies and television shows was how Rory and Lorelai bonded, how they spent their free time, and it became the source for endless jokes and pop cultural references. For many low-income families, and for the Gilmore Girls (and introverts), watching television at home is a guaranteed affordable experience. And including Dean in this experience? Personally, I know that inviting a significant other to watch something with family is a true test, and one that Dean easily passed.


When Lorelai Used Sex To Put The Final Nail In The Coffin Of Her Relationship With Luke

“But I didn’t want a life separate from Luke, and that’s all he could give me. I don’t want that. If I’m gonna be with Luke, I want to be with Luke, and he didn’t get it, and I waited.

When Lorelai basically begged Luke for an elopement, and Luke said no, she reacted very stupidly, but also understandably, given she had stood by Luke after he didn’t tell her he had a daughter. She slept with Christopher. Yes, she cheated on Luke, which isn’t good, but hell, it is real as f*ck. She needed the relationship to end, and the only way that many people believe that a relationship is over is to do something unforgivable.


On Compromise

“I can be flexible. As long as everything is exactly the way I want it, I’m totally flexible.”

Some of us are more happy to meet halfway on things than others, but still, sometimes we all just want it to go our way, all the time. And being a Boss (read: not bitchy) is how Lorelai gets things done. Yes, she is a free spirit in some cases, ready for unexpected twists and for adventure, but in order to get things done, whether at the inn or for a party, she needs things to go a certain way. You know who made all of the major decisions at the Dragonfly? Lorelai did (oh, and it became a pretty popular inn, too). Or how she was literally the only one who decided how Rory was going to be raised (and she turned out pretty great, right?). If you find yourself wanting things exactly so, and unable to compromise, who really cares, because it’s probably for the best.


Her Defense Mechanism

“One day I decided that instead of being hurt and upset by your disapproval, I’m gonna be amused.”

Raise your hand if you also like to rile people’s feathers. All of us have our favorite person to annoy, and that person for Lorelai is Emily. In the scene when Emily comes over to Lorelai’s house, and tells her that her decorating style is crap (pointing out the couch and Betty Boop vase) Lorelai explains that Emily’s disapproval and criticism is merely a source of amusement for her. This is (ironically) a mature move for Lorelai; instead of being pissy, upset, and sad over Emily’s disappointment, she has realized that Emily is not a god, and that just because Emily doesn’t like it, it doesn’t mean it is the end of the world. It is testament of how Lorelai grew from the rebellious teen to the cheerful adult that she is.

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