16 Songs For When Work Is Sucking the Life Out Of You

It’s Monday and life sucks because you’re back at work again. You’re barely awake even though it’s mid-afternoon, you’re probably still waiting on feedback on something you asked about last week, and you just can’t handle anything with a pep in its step. So what can you listen to get through the day? Slow jams.

So to help you through the horrors of the Monday grind at work, we’ve got just the playlist for you.

“On My Way” – The Melodic

“South” – Hippo Campus

“Punks and Poets” – Elliot Root

“Fever to the Form” – Nick Mulvey

“Going Gets Tough” – The Growlers

“Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales” – Car Seat Headrest

“Caroline” – Jon Foreman

“When I get My Hands On You” – The New Basement Tapes

“Let’s Be Still” – The Head and the Heart

“Power Hungry Animals” – The Apache Relay

“Somehow to Keep it Going” – Cotton Jones

“Never Gonna Give Up” – Nick D’ & the Believers

See Also
photo of two people using their gadgets

“Miracle Mile” – Cold War Kids

“Call Me in the Afternoon” – Half Moon Run

“The Way We Move” – Langhorne Slim the Law

“Struck Matches” – Bop English


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