What to Watch on Netflix According to Your Mood Ring

I haven’t had a mood ring in years, but I’m sure you remember them well like I do. A tiny piece of metal wrapped around a set stone that was supposed to give secretive insights to how we were feeling, letting light into our deepest darkest thoughts. I was under the impression that I had a good handle on all the films and shows that were currently on Netflix. It was thrilling to see that some of my favorites on any given day, not withstanding my current emotional state, were available for you to stream pleasurably from their video collection.

Black (Stressed)

Kill Bill Vol.1 & Vol.2

Sometimes you just need to watch The Bride kick some serious ass and reap her revenge on the assassins who had sought to ruin her happy ending. If you aren’t familiar, even the least bit, with this Tarantino modern classic both installments follow Uma Thurman’s heroine The Bride as she seeks to very blatantly kill Bill; the man who she fell in love with and who systematically destroyed her when she attempted to make a life away from her violent past. In true directorial style the film is bloody, darkly witty, and stylistically innovative.

Image Credit to Miramax Films
Image Credit to Miramax Films

Across The Universe

This visually stunning motion picture was severely underrated upon its release in 2007. Directed by acclaimed director Julie Taymor, Across the Universe is essentially Beatles musical weaving their magnificent songbook with the cultural significance their music had upon the masses when it was first released. The imagery is beautifully psychedelic and crafted to take you on a magical mystery tour of the resonance The Beatles have still today in igniting inspiration and imagination.

Martin Luther, Dana Fuchs, T.V. Carpio, Ekaterina Sknarina, Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Sturgess, Kiva Dawson, Joe Anderson, Halley Wegryn Gross Directed by Julie Taymor
Image Credit to Revolution Studios


Ewan McGregor, Melanie Laurent and Christopher Plummer star in this introspective film that delves into the human experience as it meditates on how we have the ability to transform ourselves at any age to live as our true selves. After the loss of his father to terminal cancer, Oliver is revisiting the memories he has of the man who came out as openly gay late in life and embarking on a new relationship with a woman who is just as lost as he is. This film is touching, resonant, and emphatic as it analyze how none of us truly know what we are doing or if were headed in the right direction. We have our whole lives to figure that out.

Image Credit to Olympus Pictures
Image Credit to Olympus Pictures

Red (Nervous)

Take This Waltz

If you’re anxious to make a major change in your life, if you hate being between things, then this is the film for you. Margot has a mostly happy marriage filled with laughter and chicken (just watch) and it’s only complicated by the arrival of Daniel. Her new neighbor challenges her, follows her, and seems to share an intimate connection with her that she never knew was possible. Does this mean she should desert her husband who adores her completely? Are these new emotions leading her into adultery or towards her soulmate? The most important lesson this film teaches is that every woman has a choice. We live with these choices and we embrace the pivotal moments as they come.

Image Credit to Joe's Daughter Picture
Image Credit to Joe’s Daughter Pictures/Astral Media

Erin Brokovich

What could possibly be better than Erin Brokovich, in all her bravado and glory, struggling against all odds to seek justice for the citizens of Hinkley after being poisoned by their water supply and forced to bear the horrific health hazards as a result. She’s fierce as hell and ready to take what’s hers no matter what man or institution tries to pigeonhole her worth. Erin Brokovich doesn’t know what nerves are—hers are made of steel.

Image Credit to Universal Studios
Image Credit to Universal Studios

Relaxed (Turquoise)

Your Sister’s Sister

This film is like spending the weekend at your friend’s cabin near the lake. Everyone is dressed in cashmere, scarfs, and knit hats looking like a more stylish Land’s End Catalog. Mark Duplass plays Jack who’s brother has just died. Emily Blunt is his best friend and the deceased ex-girlfriend. While using her cabin as an escape from his grief while trying to figure out how to get his priorities straightened, he runs into her sister (Rosemarie Dewitt) who has just broken up with her long term girlfriend and is looking for a little relief of her own. This is a navigation on the boundaries of sisterhood, brotherhood, and friendship as all three characters try to find a middle ground to reach something in between.

Image Credit to Ada Films
Image Credit to Ada Films


It’s just really Audrey Tatou. She’s a whimsical delight in this narrative of a young French woman who creates adventure and romance for herself when the world seems dismal and dull. Nothing but pure magic, this is the film to watch with a great bottle of wine at home on a Sunday night before heading back into work Monday morning when you can hopefully still take some of the fantasy with you into the office.

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