How To Survive Finals Without Your Head Exploding


In case you didn’t know, the April/May period is literally hell on earth for college students. The weather is beginning to tempt you outside, the end of classes is in sight, and all that stands between you and a decent night’s sleep are five final exams, three group projects, four papers, and any extra credit assignment that you can get your hands on. Add a job and any attempt at a social life on top of that….we get it—your head feels like it might explode and you’re not proud of some of the things you’d do for a good nap. So without further ado, here are some of our favorite ways to avoid doing any of that for the next five minutes! (Desperate times and all that).


Clean random things that don’t actually impact your day-to-day life, like grout! Bonus points for unnecessarily re-organizing something.


If you’re anything like me, you have mountains of clean laundry that you couldn’t be bothered to put away. Fold some of it. (I usually only get half of it done before I get bored enough to go back to doing school things).


Perfect a new skill!! There is no better time to perfect a new Pinterest recipe than when you have two tests the next day. I personally would recommend one of those “healthy dessert” recipes.


Binge watch something on Netflix, impending doom goes wonderfully with popcorn! On a more serious note, Mulan and Legally Blonde are both very inspiring, motivational choices. No sarcasm.


Get outside! Literally, even just go for a walk around the block. It will clear your head.

Try one of those one-week free trial workout memberships! Exercise reduces stress, and who doesn’t like free stuff?


Find a dog. Pet it.


FaceTime or call a friend. I know everyone is stressed out and short on time, but don’t be afraid to reach out to people. You won’t believe the difference a friendly face and an old inside joke can make to a bad day.


Look up fabulous homes and vacations on Pinterest as inspiration to make good grades.


Write a list of ways to procrastinate.

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Pick a song you love to jam to—and then jam the shit out of it. Sing every word, lip sync into your mirror, send a Snapchat video of your performance. Just get up and move for a few minutes!


Remember to bathe! Sometimes the best stress reliever/procrastination tool is just taking 20-30 minutes from doing work to shower, soak in the tub, or just try out that new face mask you got from Ulta before the homework madness ensued. That way, your body AND your brain will thank you.


Find a new study spot. We often associate specific libraries, desks, hell, even chairs with last-minute papers and research projects that have stressed us out all semester long. Avoid PTSD and branch out with a different view. Like to study in complete silence? Hole away in the library stacks for a change! Need caffeine? Explore a new cafe! You may find that a change of scenery will not only pull you out of the end-of-semester funk, but it will also fill you with new energy to make it across the finish line!


Look at the big picture. Chances are no matter how tough your exams are you won’t fail out of school, you’ll still be eligible for graduation, and might—just might—one day get what Rachel from Friends calls “one of those job things.” Your grades don’t define you as a person nor your future, so breathe deeply and relax. You’ve got this.



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