23 Pins and Patches To Make You The Trendiest 90s Kid Ever

Fashion is perpetually in retrograde. No bygone era is exempt from the whims of nostalgia and old favorites are always being revived and revamped. Calling the ’90s retro still kind of feels like using a picture from last week as a #throwbackthursday. Weren’t we wearing overalls just five years ago, or was it 15? Maybe grunge is simply back from a brief hiatus, yet with the particularly triumphant comeback of the choker and uber- accessorized denim duds, it seems to be having a major moment. As if you weren’t having enough of a flashback moment, decorated denim is reminiscent of the summers of childhood when summer camp trinkets–stacks of friendship bracelets, braided lanyards–were all the rage, and is appropriately playful for the summer months when it seems nostalgia will inevitable seep through the seams. Before you foray into full throwback mode, accessorizing with a cool cluster of pins and patches is the perfect ode to the ’90s.  

1. Star Sunnies Lapel Pin, $10

This starry stud is the perfect accent for any classic denim jacket.


2. Sparkle Heart Patch, $12

You can now wear your heart emoji on your sleeve with this playful patch.


3. Tamagotchi Lapel Pin, $8

Even if you’re not exactly a pet person, yours is now more portable than ever with this pin version of your favorite childhood obsession.


4. Ice Cream Patch, $25

A pretty pastel patch makes a delectable addition to your wardrobe.


5. BMO the Robot, $8

Try clipping this cool cartoon cutie to your tried and true denim.

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6. Kinda Jelly Set, $15

Pin this cute pair onto your lapel and make all your friends a little jelly.


7. Stay Home Club Lapel Pin, $10

Proudly avoid inquiries about your weekend plans with this cheeky pin.

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8. Pizza Cat Embroidered Patch, $8.92

Cuter and more meme-worthy than pizza rat, a pizza cat patch is the solution to humdrum denim.

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9. Telephone Lapel Pin, $12

Make Drake proud and don this pin as a cute homage to everyone who used to call you on your…rotary phone.  


10. Stay Cool Ice Cream Truck Enamel Pin, $12

This tiny truck is a fun trinket in honor of the most important warm weather anthem; the sweetest song of the summer is that of the ice cream truck.


11. Explore at Home Patch, $5

Adventure is right within reach with this whimsical viewfinder patch.


12. Clarissa Pin, $15

’90s icons unite with the girl who has all the answers.

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13. Love Patch, $12

Get your hands on this simple accessory and spread the love.


14. Milk and Cookies Pins, $20

The coolest couple comes together to sweeten up your style.


15. Employee of the Month Patch, $5

Display your acceptance of the highest distinction with this very convincing badge.


16. Unicone Lapel Pin, $10

This is an enchanting confection to add to your collection.

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17. Gumball Machine Cat Enamel Lapel Pin, $11

This is the cutest candy dispenser around.


18. Cat Lady Lapel Pin, $10

Stylishly announce your proud cat lady status with understated elegance with the help of this minimalist trinket. It’s a real badge of honor.


19. Pink Moon Sparkle Nail Polish Pin, $12

A little glitter goes a long way, and this dazzling do-dad is all the fun of polished nails without the annoying drying-time.

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20. Fries Before Guys Pin. $10

If you’re feelin’ a little salty, you can now effortlessly announce your foolproof motto with this chatty pin.


21. Bottled Up Feelings Pin, $10

Not in the mood to share? This minimalist pin gets the point across.


22. Pug Life Enamel Pin, $15

Be proud of the tough lifestyle with this pugnacious pin.

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23. Cold Pizza Club Patch, $5

Now you can proudly wear proof of your claim to the most coveted club membership.


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