How to Add ’70s Summer Camp Style To Your Wardrobe

Last summer saw the revival of Wet Hot American Summer with Netflix’s original series First Day of Camp. With it came quirky characters and a lineup of easy tees and faded flare. Something about those muggy months brings back longings for firefly-lit evenings, braided bracelets and campfire songs. With flowing skirts, and psychedelic prints, the sunny seventies continue to be representative of the spontaneous and sentimental essence of the warm-weather months.

The simplicity of summer is perhaps best channeled in laid-back tees and the simpler styles of the seventies. So make mischief or laze in the sun with these ’70s summer camp style pieces. Tube socks not required.

1. Relay Tank, $50

Camp Collection epitomizes the retro effortlessness of summers past. The brand oozes with nostalgia and summer simplicity, and the shop is full of cool tees and basics like this paneled tank.

abb6665dcbb584be4083b3facd14892f2. T-Shirt with Summer Camp Print, $16.50

This tee is the perfect staple for when you’d rather be singing by the fire or lounging by the lake.

6dc55b643a40914e193ffd87220cfb7c3. Ivory Ringer Tee, $68

This retro-inspired top flaunts faded flair and simple detailing.

0df832b848f2abd547937f584cc44a4a4. Popsicle Ringer Tee, $53

Cool down with a pop of color in this basic ringer tee.

b66fcf3dc6811218551fc8b523b950735. Good Vibes Ringer T-Shirt, $26

Top off your favorite high-waisted shorts with a not-so-plain white tee and groovy graphics.

d63965ae55e71d350f8b5a36c17f60106. Long Placket Polo Shirt, $50

A retro polo makes color blocking anything but blah.

4f4966266ee675abb8eb88db96d5b6fe7. Fine Graphic Ringer Tee, $14.90

This bold top is a fine addition to your summer wardrobe.

ab84418fc032cd86b8b1d44d1b02d073-18. Wrangler Retro Sport Cropped Top, $39

Sporty style just got chicer with this bold blue crop. Pair with cute sporty shorts or your classic cutoffs for a day at the rink or on the road.

a2cd41b4a8a53ede0040229bc36c7e69 copy9. Park Badge Ringer Tee, $34

Adventure enthusiasts and homebodies alike will love this sweet souvenir tee.

19db1fecc4f6e39f719538d9cb8ffd3410. Wrangler Striped Tank Top, $39

With variegated stripes and bold blue, athleisure never looked so chic.

ccdc0c5a4aa6b15590f304be2f270ed111. Embroidered State Tee, $34

Represent your region with this cute minimalist tee.

38545802_040_d12. Pennant Sweatshirt, $70

This short sleeve sweatshirt is perfect for evenings by the campfire.


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