5 Times the Pretty Little Liars Really Should Have Called the Police

Pretty Little Liars has filled six seasons (and counting) with plot twists, dangerous schemes, and questionable decisions—and shockingly few 911 calls. The story obviously relies on the Liars avoiding the authorities time and again, but that doesn’t make their failure to tell any adult about their psycho cyber-stalker any less frustrating. Read on for five of the most ridiculous situations the Liars have found themselves in without police intervention. Spoilers ahead!

Episode 3×13: This is a Dark Ride – Literally the entire episode
It seems like it should go without saying, but when you’re on a train with someone who’s trying to kill you and and you have no idea who they are, you should probably call the police. Especially after they lock one of you in a box with a dead body.


Episode 4×01: A is for A-l-i-v-e – The Liars find A’s lair
Let’s pretend somebody’s been anonymously tormenting you for three years, and you happen to stumble across a building where they hang out and plot the next terrifying thing they’re going to do to you. Who would you tell? Yep, nobody.


Episode 4×13: Grave New World – The Liars find Alison alive
OK, yes, it’s great that your friend is still alive. But SOMEBODY is dead and in her grave.


Episode 6×11: Of Late I Think of Rosewood – The new A starts sending the Liars texts
Guys, remember when the police found you locked in a dollhouse/torture chamber and realized what happened to you over the past five years and didn’t blame you for any of it? Better not tell them about it this time. God forbid they know before it gets out of hand.


Episode 6×20: Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars – Hanna is kidnapped by A
In all fairness, until tonight’s season premiere, we won’t know if the Liars will decide to tell the police Hanna has been kidnapped, but something tells us that they won’t.


This list is nowhere close to the number of PLL moments that make you want to scream at your TV. Let us know the ones that haunt your dreams your favorites in the comments.



Images courtesy of Freeform/ABC.

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