The Fate of 8 Favorite Game of Thrones Fan Theories


I’m reasonably new to Game of Thrones, and by that I mean I watched the first five seasons in a few short months after my boyfriend turned me onto the show—just in time to catch season six in all its glory. So what better way to fill the void left in my heart by the final episode (and the fact I will now have to wait more than a week for a new one) than by breaking down a few fan theories from the last season. Let’s see how many of these had merit.

“Is Jon Snow dead?”

Like really dead? But do you think he’s going to come back?’

Not going to lie—I totally called this one (or maybe I was just too stubborn to accept that the cute-yet-sensitive newly-appointed Commander of the Night’s Watch may actually be gone). Either way, the Red Witch did, indeed bring him back to life. Hugs all around.  

Is Jon Snow actually a Targaryen?

This one has been all but explicitly confirmed. When Ned Stark finally found his sister, she was dying after a difficult childbirth—a child presumably fathered by Rhaegar Targaryen—a child whom she asked Ned to care for (!!!!). I think it is safe to assume that after his sister’s death, Ned brought baby Jon home, and claimed him as his bastard son to avoid raising suspicion

The High Sparrow was doomed, and Cersei was going to take power somehow.

Let’s be real, there was no way that the High Sparrow could be allowed to run amok arresting nobles and being smugly in charge, so his demise was practically a given. Taking out half the royal court (and many enemies) with a single explosion was brilliant and effective. What I did not see coming though, was Tommen’s suicide; to be quite frank, I thought that the Mountain was going to off him in an attempt to protect Cersei. His, “Well F this then” hop out of the window did however set things up perfectly for his mother to take power.  

Did Arya even get stabbed or was it a ruse?

Did she even get stabbed? Too many faceless men running around to be sure. I’ve heard two main thoughts on this one. The first is that Arya never got stabbed and hightailed it to Westeros without any issues—that Jaqen H’ghar somehow took her place and tricked the Waif.

The theory behind this is based on a number of things: It has been made a point in the show thus far that Arya is left-handed, however in the scenes leading up to her stabbing she seems to be predominantly using her right hand. When we last saw Arya, she was guarded and holing herself away with Needle, however now she is as happily carefree as we have probably seen her in the course of the show. On top of that, her dress and the way she carries herself are totally different for her. For example: walking with her hands clasped behind her back. This Arya demanded a cabin for her trip back to Westeros, while before on her journey to Braavos she claimed she didn’t have need for a cabin.

So now let’s look at Jaqen’s last conversation with the Waif. He is clearly disappointed, and we assume that he is referring to Arya when he said “It is a shame, a girl had many gifts.” But WHAT IF he is referring to the Waif, who has not been acting like a faceless man. She is almost obsessed with her desire to kill Arya, and even refers to herself in the first person instead of as “a girl.” Jaqen could be using this as a test, and be willing to die to deliver it, as Arya did name him as the third man that she wanted dead.

On the flip side, Arya could have just been allowing herself to get stabbed in order to lay a trap. The face the Waif wore when she stabbed her was the exact same face Arya looked at the last time she was shown in the House of Black and White—which could explain the look of almost happiness at seeing the old woman’s face. By stumbling through Bravos leaving a trail of blood, Arya could have been leading the Waif to her dark hiding place where Needle awaits. After all, hadn’t Arya been training to fight the Waif without sight? So the advantage would be hers.

EITHER WAY, she made it back to Westeros and avenged her brother’s Red Wedding death in a beautifully twisted scene. #GIRLPOWER.

I also have heard whisperings of a few possibilities for season seven, which are:  


Jamie and Cersei are definitely going have some sort of power struggle.

He seems to be developing more of a conscience while she loses what little she had, and with her children dead and the Iron Throne in her clutches, well, I don’t see things being particularly pretty from here on out.  

The possibility of Tyrion as a Targaryen.  

He got on alright with the dragons, and his father cursed the day he was born—not only did he kill his mother in childbirth, but it was insinuated he was the result of her having an affair, potentially with the Mad King. Also, three dragons, three Targaryens. Think about it.  

This one makes me cringe a little, because technically she’s his aunt, but:   

Daenerys and Jon as potential love interests.  

She left her lover in order to form alliances through marriage in Westeros. Jon currently does not have a love interest. He could rule the north while she rules the south, not to mention that the next book in the series is called A Song of Ice and Fire. So that one is looking fairly plausible.  

A SUPER EPIC powerful woman throwdown between Daenerys and Cersei.

It seems kind of unavoidable at this point, to be completely honest, and I mean how could the writers pass up on that kind of a show down?

I guess we’ll all just need to stay tuned to find out—good luck killing time until the next season! In the meantime, if you guys have any thoughts on these theories—or want to discuss any not covered here—let us know and comment below or tweet us @litdarling We’re always down to talk Game of Thrones.  

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