18 Pokemon Go Memes That Made Me Laugh Like Gengar

pokemon go

Pokemon Go has allowed Nintendo to achieve its true ambition of world domination. Or, at least, Internet domination. Since the game’s release last week, Pokemon has taken over social media news feeds and actual news outlets. This 21st-century obsession with a 90s creation has also given birth to a legion of memes. These are the ones that made us laugh harder than Gengar after a good scare.

1. This one about team loyalty


2. This one comparing Go to the original

go vs original

3. These amazing crossovers

         snake me up inside    


pokemon hunting


4. These two about new fans

new fans


name songs
5. This one about flirting


6. This one about being too trusting


7. This one about being active

nintendo 24 hours

8. This one about getting a job

9. This one about those damn servers

pokemon go servers 1
10. But, like, really

servers 2
11. This one about motivation


12. This one about tough choices

tough choices

13. This one about nicknames

razzle dazzle
14. This one about obstacles

15. This one about the haters


16. This one when the game gets too real

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 8.24.03 PM
17. This one about being aware of your surroundings


eevee car

18. And this absolutely true one about the teams’ personalities
pokemon go teams are like

Have fun catching them all!

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