11 Action-Packed Shows to Binge This Summer

Summertime to me means action movies. I love watching action-filled stories because they’re so far removed from my everyday life sitting in an office. It’s also a lot easier to watch a couple episodes of an action TV show than go see a two-hour movie every day (plus it’s way cheaper). Here are some of my favorite action packed shows to binge this summer.

The Last Ship

The Last Ship is the story of a USS battleship trying to get home after a plague ravages the known world. They happen to have the only scientist who could possibly find the cure on board and there ensues the efforts to save the whole planet. Plus it’s McSteamy’s first show since he broke our hearts by dying on Grey’s Anatomy. Catch up with the first two seasons on Hulu and watch the third season this summer on TNT.

giphyFlash & Arrow

Or literally any of the DC shows like Jessica Jones or Daredevil. Watch superheroes beat up the villains then decide which hero is best. The fight scenes are amazing and these shows have enough emotion and heart to pull you all the way in. All available on Netflix.


Alias is one of my all-time favorite shows. It has big stars like Jennifer Garner and Victor Garber, but it also has Bradley Cooper for a few seasons before he was a big name. Watch Sydney and Vaughn fall in love while traveling around the world to take down some truly evil spies. Available on Netflix and Hulu. Pro tip: once you are done with Alias give Covert Affairs a try. It’s similar to Alias in story but updated for technology. It’s on Amazon Prime. 


Talk about a throwback. I remember watching Richard Dean Anderson worm his way out of situations with my parents. This is a classic show about a guy put in impossible situations, but he always seems to make it out with the help of duct tape and gum. This show is being rebooted by CBS starring Lucas Till this fall, so catch up on the original before it airs. Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.tumblr_lyz9cob9yX1qfh2c9o1_500

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf will give you some supernatural action. Werewolves and Druids and Hunters. Oh my! Join Scott and friends as they try to navigate the death trap that is their hometown (why don’t they just leave? It’s like a hellmouth) against all manner of creatures that would like to capture or kill them. Available on Amazon Prime.

tumblr_mki2usD5L21s6gzj3o1_500The Shannara Chronicles

This is the latest show from MTV, and it’s worth the watch. Filmed in New Zealand (and featuring Gimli…I mean John Rhys Davies) it is the story of magical races, demons, and heroes. Not to mention you can stare at Austin Butler for 10 episodes. Available on Netflix.


If you are looking for something less intense, try Chuck. The story of a college dropout, Nerd Herd worker (think Best Buy Geek Squad) whose brain accidentally downloads all spy intelligence. The comedy in this action is spot on and the friendships and Chuck himself will give you a good break in between the cliff hanging moments. Available on Netflix.


If you like your action the medieval way, Merlin is the way to go. It tells the story of a wizard we all know and love as he meets Prince Arthur in a land where magic is forbidden. He must protect the princely twit so he can one day create the Camelot of legend. There are knights in this show. A lot. Seriously you should watch this.


Based on a book? Check. Hot guys? Check. French royal court? Check. This show has everything you need in an action show. It is a new retelling of Alexandre Dumas’ book The Three Musketeers and it is just as interesting as the story. Corruption in the French government with an idiot king and sword fights is everything you want from this story but you’ll get so much more. Available on Hulu.

tumblr_nnxo2shxiX1terdixo2_500Legend of the Seeker

Legend of the Seeker is a short lived show based on Terry Goodkind Wizard’s Rule books. This one is also filmed in New Zealand and while that is reason enough to watch it, it also has an intriguing story line full of…you guessed it wizards and magic. This includes a magic sword that only one unsuspecting man can wield. Let me tell you, he wields it WELL. Available on Hulu.

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