Take Charge Of Your Health With These 3 Women’s Health Care Apps

If you are lucky enough to find a wonderful women’s health center, then your medical team maintains an extensive record of your personal data. Unfortunately, many women don’t see a doctor on a daily basis or can even afford a doctor’s visit. For these women, much of their health information goes untracked—especially information concerning monthly menstruation and everything that happens in between.

Luckily for us ladies, we live in the 21st century, where even data as personal as our monthly flow can be tracked and recorded with the click tap of a button. Women’s health and menstruation cycle phone apps allow women to get in touch with their body and to embrace not only the physical aspects, but also the mental and emotional. These apps are more than widgets on a screen; they allow women to be their own healthcare advocates.

1. Spot On

Screenshot_20160728-134729Released by Planned Parenthood earlier this year, Spot On empowers women by increasing their knowledge of what goes on in their bodies. The app allows women to track daily mood, body, action, and period status. Daily pop-ups give women reminders to check in with the app and, more importantly, with themselves.

As an extension of Planned Parenthood, Spot On proves to be a great resource center for all questions surrounding birth control and menstruation. There’s even a Words to Know section to increase healthcare knowledge. If you wish to share your data with a medical professional or a person of your choosing, you can easily download the information with the click of a button.

2. Eve.

Screenshot_20160728-134759This app is as sassy as it is resourceful. Eve. offers a virtual community where one can post anything regarding women’s experiences. The posts are very open and expressive with questions and helpful advice; as such, the app encourages a very open and safe space for uncensored sexuality discussions.

Eve. also hosts a private section where users can track their own menstrual cycles and daily happenings. A huge selling point of this app is the ability to change dates for the start of one’s period because not all cycles are consistent. Eve.’s quirky graphics contribute a funny reality to not-so-amusing situations (a.k.a. cramps or itchiness down under). Glow also created three other apps for women: Glow (ovulation), Glow Nature (pregnancy), and Glow Baby (parenthood).

3. Women’s Health (WH) Diary

Screenshot_20160728-134217Women’s Health Diary enables users to create a mini database of their health history. This app takes a very straightforward medical approach by establishing a health file for BMI, calorie intake, menstruation, medication, screenings and more. For all the perks of this amazingly simplistic app, the Women’s Health Diary only focuses on the physical health of the body and ignores the emotional side of health.

The app takes a very simplistic design approach with colors designating sections. Each health section offers a straightforward usage and leaves little room for user error.  The daily intake calorie portion counts as a problematic area. It can be a bit difficult because the user has to know the exact calorie count of all the foods you eat.

Embracing your period

In addition to keeping women up to date on their monthly cycles, these apps make women’s lives easier by recording and storing important physical and emotional information in one easy to access location. Your personal information is available at your fingertips. Not to mention a reliable source can provide vital information to pertinent questions and other women could weigh in on your situation. Women’s health care knowledge is even more accessible with technology.

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