6 Movies & Shows To Get Hyped About Post-Comic-Con 2016

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Comic-Con was just a few weekends ago and I was, once again, unable to attend. Going to Comic-Con is definitely on the bucket list, but until then I will have to live vicariously through social media and YouTube videos of panels. With Comic-Con weekend comes a plethora of new trailers for movies and TV that I have been waiting all summer for. Since the con ended, I’ve spent most of my time re-watching trailers that premiered and scavenging for news. Needless to say I am VERY excited about all the new things.

1. Wonder Woman

If you haven’t seen this trailer let me go ahead and fix that for you.

There. Now you can also bask in the amazing movie that will be Wonder Woman. If you were, like me, unimpressed with Batman v Superman and enjoyed Gal Gadot’s short time on screen, you’ll be anxiously waiting for this. The movie isn’t coming out until 2017 but until then we can bask in Chris Pine’s adorable attempt to tell Wonder Woman what to do. HA! Did anyone else get some Little Mermaid vibes from Diana saving Steve from drowning? Like I needed more reasons to want this movie NOW.

2. King Kong: Skull Island

Tom Hiddleston. Giant Gorilla. Brie Larson. That pretty much sums up any reasons I might want to see this movie. Unlike other depictions of Kong, I don’t think this version will remotely feel like a giant teddy bear. This feels vaguely reminiscent of Jurassic Park: III when people paid for the privilege of almost dying. 

3. Teen Wolf

The upcoming season will be the LAST. I am sad about this. I will miss the crazy hijinks of the teens of Beacon Hills almost dying and trying to graduate. As much as I hate to say that it might be time for the end of the show. If Teen Wolf ending gives me an opportunity to see Dylan O’Brien in more movies I guess that’s a tradeoff I’m willing to make, but dear lord, if something happens to Stiles,I will BURN DOWN THE WORLD. Seriously, you guys are messing with my heart. STYDIA 4EVER.

4. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

It’s time for more Charlie Hunnam and King Arthur. Ever since Merlin went off the air there has been a giant Camelot-shaped hole in my heart, so I’ll take more King Arthur any way I can get it. Plus this movie is by Guy Ritchie and he knows how to make a good action movie. I can’t wait to see a new take on one of my favorite classic stories.

5. Justice League

As previously stated, I had a lot of problems with the plotlines in BvS, but I still love my superheroes and this trailer has me so excited for Justice League. It’s finally got an Aquaman, who won’t be the butt of all the jokes, and despite it not being Grant Gustin (I know, but we’ll be okay) it’s got the funniest superhero, Barry Allen. Ezra Miller does a great job in the trailer, so I can’t wait to see more. Plus more WONDER WOMAN! YASSS QUEEN!

6. Flashpoint

I am so excited for this story line. One of my favorite parts of season two was the stories involving Earth 2. It’s a place that looks kinda like home but everything is a little off kilter. Part of what make The Flash such a good TV show is the TV family to end all TV families, the WestAllens. I’m both wary and excited to see if any of those relationships survive and whether or not it can be the same stories. Plus, Tom Felton joins the cast, and we all know he stirs up trouble in every movie he’s in.

7. Supergirl

Sadly we don’t have any footage of the second season of Supergirl, but we do have a lot of intrigue. Clark Kent/Superman will be making his way to National City this season. I’m not sure what he’ll be doing, but I’m sure we’ll be good with whatever works out. I am ready for more of Kara’s story and excited to have Superman backing her up (literally in the background guys—we can’t have you trying to overwhelm our Kara time) as her family and the only other person who knows what it’s like to be her.


BONUS: Captain Marvel

There is no footage with this either. I have no idea when this movie will be out. They haven’t even started shooting, but I would be lying if I said the announcement that Brie Larson would be playing Captain Marvel in her own movie was NBD. So excited for a female Marvel character to be getting her own movie.


I’m sure there’s a ton of great information I missed that I should be excited about. Tweet us @litdarling and let us know what we missed!

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