Punderdome – The Punny Cards Against Humanity Game

As soon as I saw a card game called PunderdomeI knew I had to have it. My family has always been big on card games, and once you add in a game about puns, I’m hooked. This game was pitched to me as a less risque version of Cards Against Humanity, but with puns.

Obviously, I immediately played with my dad. Who better to bring the puns than a dad full of dad jokes. The game consists of cards with questions and pun-answers already written to determine who goes first. The questions and puns were so fun we played with just those for a while. Once that wore off we started the game in earnest.

I’ll be honest. This game is hard. There is a time limit for coming up with a pun based on the two cards, and I do not work well under pressure. The longer I played it, the easier it was to come up with puns, but I still felt woefully under-punned.

I think this would be a great game for a big group. Even just reading the pre-made questions and riddles would be fun!

A copy of Punderdome was provided to Literally, Darling by Blogging for Books. 

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