An Extensive Guide To Dressing Like Your Fave “Gilmore Girls” Character

Alright, Gilmore Girls fans. Netflix and Amy Sherman-Palladino has made all of our dreams come true by bringing back arguably the best television series ever. With the four-part series premiering the day after Thanksgiving—perfect for the family—it’s never been better to embrace all things Gilmore Girls. Besides coffee, food, and a love of pop culture and books, fashion is central to the TV show. So if you want to channel your inner Lorelai, Rory, or Sookie fashionista, look no further.

Fashion According To Lorelai Gilmore

Lorelai’s fashion sense reflects who she is perfectly: sexy and feminine, cheeky, and bold. Her style evolved throughout the series, but she managed to keep her style prominent, whether through Juicy sweatpants or in a dress with a plunging neckline. Lorelai’s style is composed of nice outerwear (think leather jackets, blazers, and nice coats), graphic (and sassy) tees, nice tops, flattering dresses, and midi skirts. Take a look at some outfits and pieces that Lorelai would surely be seen in.

Fashion According To Rory Gilmore

Like her mother, Rory’s style is feminine, but instead of sexy, Rory’s style is much more delicate, and soft. A bit more modest and preppy than Lorelai, Rory also favors clothing that is more bookish. Rory loves cardigans and blazers, blouses, feminine dresses, jeans, and sweaters. These styles would certainly be seen on one Rory Gilmore:


Fashion According To Sookie St. James

True, we almost always saw Sookie wearing a chef’s apron/jacket, but it was almost always colorful. And that’s key. Just like her colorful, vibrant personality, whenever the audience got to see Sookie outside of the kitchen, she was wearing kooky and colorful pieces. She mixed prints, went more for comfort rather than fashion, loved her color, and always had a chic or funky way to pull back her hair. Here are some styles that you could spot Sookie in:

Fashion According To Lane Kim

Raised in an ultra-strict religious household, and turned punk-rock drummer, Lane’s style is a unique blend of a modest look mixed with a seriously cool rocker chick style. Think skirts and leggings/tights, graphic tees, sweaters, collared shirts, and cardigans. Below are some pieces that Lane would definitely rock out in.

Fashion According To Michel Gerard

Michel makes sure he always looks good. Always. Whether that means his countless Italian suits, his leather shoes, or even in jeans, Michel loves to look sharp, and his best. Obviously, Michel favors top-name brands (although I want showcase them here), a clean look, suits, and, when he’s feeling borderline casual, jeans and, paisley. To look your Michel Gerard-best, here are some suggestions:

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