How To De-Stress And De-Mess Your Favorite Cocktail Recipes

If you’re anything like me, you love a good cocktail. I know my favorites at the bars and restaurants around the city I live in, but sometimes you just want to curl up with a good book or Netflix and not venture out into the world while still enjoying a good drink. It can be easy to just opt for a vodka-lemonade or whiskey-diet whenever you’re lounging around the house—unless you’ve got Cocktail Crate mixers. Then you’re good to go for some quality drinks right from your couch.

Cocktail Crate, a line of pre-made craft cocktail mixers, was founded by Alex Abbott Boyd, who’s spent the last five years studying mixology and perfecting his own drink recipes. Luckily for us, all that time spent hitting the recipe books paid off: now we can buy mixers that make great drinks easily attainable from your house without having to worry about additional ingredients besides liquor and ice.


With six flavors—Spicy Michelada, Ginger Bee, Grapefruit Daiquiri, Maple Whiskey Sour, Spiced Old-Fashioned and Sriracha Margarita—there’s a Cocktail Crate mixer to appeal to those who prefer every kind of liquor, from tequila to bourbon.

I tried the Maple Whiskey Sour and the Ginger Bee. The Maple Whiskey Sour is probably more of a fall drink, but the Ginger Bee can be mixed with a variety of liquors, including vodka, whiskey. The key to making Cocktail Crate drinks is they should be shaken with ice—easy if you don’t have a fancy cocktail shaker. Just pour from one large cup into another large cup and back again until the ingredients are easily mixed and the ice has thoroughly chilled the drink. I don’t recommend pouring the liquor into a glass with the mixer and stirring with a spoon. It won’t give you the same effect.

Cocktail Crate mixers are perfect for a quiet night at home or to help ease the stress of bartending at your next party or girls’ weekend. At only $12 a pop, they’re affordable and can be refrigerated after opening.

Literally, Darling received two Cocktail Crate mixers at no cost as a potential product for review.

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