How To Turn Your Home Into The Dragonfly Inn And Live Like A Gilmore

As the upcoming “Gilmore Girls” revival gets closer, Gilmore fever is kind of starting to get out of hand. We all want to read like Rory, talk like Lorelai, and rule the world like Paris. We want to have our own part of the Gilmore world, and while we unfortunately can’t live in Stars Hollow or eat at Lukes, we can make our world a little bit more cheery—namely by turning your home into the Dragonfly Inn.

The Inn is the best of the “Gilmore Girls” world. It’s a creation born purely of Lorelai and Sookie’s dreams, determination, and hard work. It’s cozy and inviting and (checkered curtains and lawn jockey aside) is pretty masterfully decorated. We’ve broken the Inn down, room by room, to give you inspiration to create your own interpretation of the Inn.



Tufted Settee, $1,150 | Floral Ottoman, $298 | Dragonfly Print, $19, | Victorian Chair, $999 | Antique Chair, $660 | Blue Rug, $129 | Accent Table, $185 | Mason Jar Lamp $80

The living room is one of the busiest rooms in the Dragonfly Inn, and it’s the center of your home, so it needs to be the comfiest. While the color scheme of The Dragonfly Inn lends toward rich reds and yellows, how many of us actually want red checkered curtains? The heart of the design aesthetic is a comfortable, cozy, inviting country inn that doesn’t stand on occasion or need something like matching furniture. Get yourself a large, cozy couch, and some antique (or antique-inspired) armchairs, all in different patterns and colors. And let’s be real – even though Lorelai would probably make fun of the mason jar craze, you know she’d have some of those nifty lamps around.


Chippendale Chair, $499 | Antique Farm Table, $295 | Yellow Sideboard Hutch, $1,495 | French Plate, $25 | Yellow Chandelier, $150 | Farmhouse Planter, $34 

If you ask Sookie, the dining room is the beating heart of the Dragonfly Inn. The dining room is a canvas upon which you (or someone who can cook) can showcase the masterpiece that is your food. In the Dragonfly Inn, it’s where the country inn design really shines through. Warm greens, yellows, and raw wood features will help channel the feel, and the dining room can’t be complete without the iconic green chairs.


Antique Headboard, $525 | Yellow Curtains, $39 | Curtain Tie Back, $18 | Toile Pillows, $18 | Botanical Prints, $60 | Farm Dresser, $749

Okay, so we only ever get a few quick peeks at the bedrooms in the Dragonfly Inn, but those few glances are all we really need. If the rest of the inn is any indication, they are warm, inviting, and make you feel like you just woke up on a delightful country farm. To recreate, use a combination of summer colors and distressed farm-style decor. And toile. Can’t forget toile.

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