The Protector Shows Some Romance Tropes Just Work

When it comes to romance novels, there are literally dozens of tropes given to the main characters. From the meet-cutes that introduce our protagonists to each other to the numerous reasons they are flung together in a closet which generally lead to confessions of love — we all love reading them. I personally never considered myself a “romance reader,” but based on the number or romantic comedies I can quote and the way I feel about my favorite book characters, I was just kidding myself. I love a good romance. There is something so wonderful about reading about two people falling in love. No matter how campy or obvious the connection is in the beginning, I love watching those relationships unfold. So when I was offered a copy of the upcoming release The Protector by Jodi Ellen Malpas I jumped at the chance to read it.

TheProtectorCoverI took it on vacation with me and it was the perfect beach read. Although there were some moments where it was weird to be reading a romance novel next to my mom, it was worth it. I was hooked from the beginning. The Protector managed to be a romance and a little bit of a thriller. So here’s the trope: girl (Camille) needs protection from threats so a bodyguard (Jake) is hired. Obviously he is VERY attractive. He’s a former SAS and still has some issues related to his service, but that experience makes him an excellent choice to guard Camille.

What I liked most about The Protector was that it followed a lot of the tropes of other romance novels. I knew a twist had to be coming or a moment was about happen, but the particulars of the story weren’t obvious from page one. There is a lot to be said for a romance novel that still uses a story line to move its main characters forward. In the past when reading other romance novels, I’ve often felt like plot points in the story happened without reason or with no plans. It can often make stories feel disjointed, but Malpas didn’t do that with this story.

Camille Logan has all the makings of a pretentious character that makes me angry. Not only is she the daughter of a billionaire business man (very Donald-esque), but she is also an effortlessly gorgeous model. At the very least, there is more to her than we immediately see. Despite the ability to have everything given to her from a trust fund or her daddy, she is still trying to prove herself to be more than a London socialite. She is trying to build a fashion line with a friend and is recovering from a destructive relationship, all while towing around a six foot gorgeous ex-sniper.

Jake, on the other hand, is the definition of a destructive personality. He says so himself in the book. Over and over again. He is not a jerk for jerk’s sake, but he is broken and in no position to try and fix himself. Unlike other romance novels that have alpha male personalities, Jake is aggressive but not because he wants control. His whole job is to try and keep Camille safe. As he gets to know her, he wants more but his professional nature stops him from pursuing her without her go-ahead.

You can watch the book trailer below for all the feels!

Malpas is an English writer with all her books landing on the New York Times bestsellers list. She is a self-professed daydreamer, a Converse & mojito addict, and has a terrible weak spot for alpha male protagonists. Writing powerful love stories and creating addictive characters has become her passion – a passion she now shares with her devoted readers. You can follow her on twitter @JodiEllenMalpas

Forever (the romance imprint of Grand Central Publishing) sent me this book, and is also providing a prize pack for a winner of a romantic giveaway. You can win a copy of The Protector, some bath salts, and a luxury candle for a romantic night in.

The Protector comes out next Tuesday, September 6th, so be sure to pick it up from any bookseller! Open to US addresses only. The winner of the contest will be picked next Friday, September 9th.

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