10 Ways To Naturally Flavor Water To Make You Actually Want to Drink It

Did you know that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated? And that less than 1% of Britons drink eight glasses of pure water each day? (To be fair, we’re rather busy drinking tea.)

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, it’s just that sometimes regular water can be so… dull. But it’s totally possible to keep your intake up even if you’re not a water-lover, and one of the most effective strategies is to get creative and flavor it naturally with fresh fruit and herbs.

Flavored water is delicious, inexpensive, and a healthy way to treat yourself so that you don’t start reaching for sugary juice or soda instead. I like to make a large batch at the beginning of the week, leave it to infuse, and store it in the fridge so that it’s easily accessible. (It also allows me to pretend that I’m staying at a fancy hotel.)

There are so many options and different combinations to try that you’ll never be bored of water again. Here are some suggestions for where to begin:


flavored waterThis refreshing herb aids digestion, provides relief from nausea and headaches, and, of course, it freshens the breath. Try it out in a combination with cucumber, kiwi and lime, or any other fruit you can think of!


flavored waterWhy is cucumber water so popular? Because cucumbers are amazing for your skin. Like mint, cucumber pairs well with just about everything, but for starters, try with blueberries, strawberries and lime.


flavored waterLemons are fantastic for soothing a sore throat and boosting the immune system. (If I ever got sick growing up, my mum always made me a hot beverage of lemon juice and honey.) Not only that, they help to reduce stress and anxiety, and make your skin look great.


flavored waterI think we all remember how strongly Richard Gilmore felt about the power of grapefruits. This high-fiber citrus fruit helps treat a high appetite, insomnia and indigestion. Not only that, it fights fatigue, so drink some grapefruit water to wake yourself up—no coffee required! (Sorry Lorelai.)


flavored waterGoing apple picking this fall? Slice one up and combine with a plum, a pear and some cinnamon for a delicious autumnal treat. It’ll (maybe) offset the sugar in all those pumpkin spice lattes; apples contain antibacterial properties which aid in cleaning the teeth and gums.


flavored waterRaspberry water is one of my favorites because these tasty little berries turn the liquid PINK. Squish them, combine with water and leave overnight for the perfect non-alcoholic Valentine’s Day drink. Raspberries are thought to be particularly good for women (they may help with regulating menstrual cycles), plus they help with weight loss and wrinkle prevention.


flavored waterIf you’re feeling tropical, chop up a pineapple and enjoy the benefits: Pineapple prevents coughs and colds, contributes to bone health, and reduces inflammation in joints and muscles. To take it to the next level, pair with vanilla extract and lime.


flavored waterSince summer weather is (knock on wood) still sticking around for now, try some flavored water with the ultimate sunshine fruit. The benefits of watermelon include reducing blood pressure, and preventing kidney damage and cancer. Try it combined with sprigs of basil.


flavored waterIf you want to spice things up, try some ginger in your water. Ginger is known for being an effective detoxer, illness-fighter and digestion aidand, bonus, it is a natural aphrodisiac, so share it with someone special.

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