Best Moments from the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards

After last night’s Emmys, awards season is now officially underway. Any time this many actors are in one place at the same time, it is sure to be entertaining and somewhat unpredictable. Keep reading for the highlights from last night’s ceremony.

The Stranger Things kids.
These kids have stolen our hearts, and now we want to steal Millie’s clutch. We’ll let you know where she got it as soon as we hear back on our application to join her squad.


Sophie Turner finally shows off her matching tattoo with Maisie Williams.
The internet lost its collective mind speculating over the Game of Thrones starlets’ matching tattoos this week, and we finally know what they are: the date they both got their parts on the show. We’re not crying, you’re crying.


Kate McKinnon cannot form sentences, is all of us.
“I’m really crying. I’m not making it up.” No one will ever be totally sure what words Kate strung together after that, but we just need one: FINALLY.


Leslie. Jones.
In possibly the most public episode of cyber-bullying on record, Leslie had a difficult summer. Her moment of defense has finally come, and we are here. for. it.


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.
At this point, these two could just stand on stage quietly and it’d be amazing. Can we get a behind the scenes peek of sawing that Emmy in half?


The Brits.
Thanks for keeping it short and sweet, guys. Maybe you could offer lessons to your American friends in the business?


Tatiana Maslany wins Best Actress in a Drama Series.
This girl plays like 27 different characters in any given day. The fact that she’s just now winning an Emmy is insane, but better late than never.


Perhaps the most impressive feat of the night is that this may have been the first time in TV history that an award show ended on time. Host Jimmy Kimmel may or may not have had anything to do with that, but regardless, I think we can all agree on one thing: Leslie Jones 2017.

What were your favorite moments of the 2016 Emmys? Share them with us @litdarling!

Images courtesy of Giphy.

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