11 Things That are More Concerning Than the Vampires on The Vampire Diaries

For those of us about to start season eight of The Vampire Diaries, it’s been a long journey. I can’t remember why I stopped watching last season, but now that season eight has been announced as the final one, I decided to catch up and get excited for the finale. Some shows don’t hold up on multiple viewings. Sometimes re-watching causes you to pay attention to things besides the main stories because you already know the score. As I was re-watching the first six seasons of The Vampire Diaries I noticed so many things that the characters of Mystic Falls were ignoring that were incredibly concerning. Here’s a list of 12 things the residents of Mystic Falls (and the surrounding towns) should be concerned about.


The people in Mystic Falls are doing life wrong. I’ve literally never seen anyone on that show take off their shoes when they get home. Elena is seen recovering from the hospital on a couch with Converse on. No one is concerned with the dirt and comfort of the sick person?

Serial Killer Dating

I imagine being turned into a people-eating monster might change your perspective and your priorities, but it is still the weirdest thing ever if your boyfriend justifies killing someone by saying, “Well you are dating a reformed serial killer.” CREEPY AF.


Miss Mystic

I personally don’t get pageants in general, but after people keep dying at the competitions I think I would put future pageants on hold or at least limit the guest list and stop inviting the whole freaking town.


Relationship Status

I get it. You are young, or young-looking. You want that one person who makes your life, or eternity, worthwhile, but after a dozen potential threats to everyone you know and love dying, maybe you wouldn’t be so concerned about which brother you should date or that the star football player doesn’t love you anymore. The way these people are able to prioritize their BF/GF status over actual life and death situations amazes me.



WHY DOES NO ONE JUST KILL HER?!?! I get that at the beginning they were having a hard time catching her, but once they did they just put her in a cave instead of killing her. Yeah she comes in handy a little later, but guys so much DRAMA wouldn’t have happened if you’d all just been like, “This girl is crazy and keeps trying to KILL us so let’s fix that right now.”


Town/Founders events

Trust me. I totally get why a small town with a rich history would hold small town events. But again, people keep DYING. Especially at all the founder’s events and/or events meant to disguise founder’s council meetings. Everyone seems to want to kill members of Mystic Falls founding families more than regular folks. What’s so crazy about this is that the founder’s council KNOWS ABOUT VAMPIRES and they keep gathering the whole town like a walking buffet for the monsters that rip people’s throats out.


Underage drinking/drugs

I know this isn’t totally out of the realm of possibility, but it seems like an excessive amount of scotch is being drunk on this show and not just by the adults. They are drinking at the town’s main (only) restaurant. I get that having vampires compelling people to serve them alcohol would make it harder to catch, but still guys come on be more STEALTH.


People keep coming back to life

I’m sorry. Why is this not a bigger deal than it is? Why does everyone so easily accept that Jeremy burned his house down and faked his death or that Alaric ran away and then all of a sudden came back? At least Bonnie kept up a charade that she was still alive and never had an official funeral. How does everyone keep accepting these stories? Either move to a new town when you come back to life or come up with better stories.


Becoming a vampire

None of the main characters who become a vampire on the show asked for it (except Damon). Once you know about the existence of vampires and keep throwing yourself in their line of fire, you’re going to lose eventually. Despite being in love with two vampires, apparently the idea of becoming a vampire is the worst thing ever to Elena which is so crazy. No one wants to die, but you’ve been promised that you would be killed, specifically given a time and place, so there are worse things than becoming a vampire.


Older Friends

Maybe I did life wrong. When I was in high school I knew maybe three 30-somethings. I would NEVER have considered dating them, and I definitely wouldn’t have spent my nights drinking with them. The number of 30-year-old adults the teenagers of Mystic Falls know, date, and generally are BFFs with is a lot. We mostly avoided adults in high school. Have things changed so much? Then again practically everyone they know is centuries old.


All the parents are dead

Literally everyone on that show has parents that are 1) dead, 2) absent, or 3) conspiring with them concerning vampire issues. No one seems to be worried about the orphan count in Mystic Falls. Where is DHS and child protective services?



When Elena is possessed by the spirit of Katherine and then infected with a vampire eating zombie virus, she is more worried about Damon joking with her about her Instagram pictures than her imminent death.


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