How to Get Ready for Fall Like a Gilmore Girl

Today may be the first official day of Fall, but the weather has yet to really start cooperatingespecially here in Manhattan. While we wait for what feels like an eternity for the temperature to finally drop below 80 degrees so we don’t sweat into our Pumpkin-flavored everything, take a few tips from the Gilmores to get yourself ready for the best season of them all.

Celebrate the end of Summer
People who say Summer is their favorite season are not to be trusted. Stop trying to tell us that you’re enjoying how hot it is outside as you blink away the sweat that just dripped into your eyes. There are plenty of us Summer-haters out there, and we welcome you with open arms.


Pull out your beanie collection
The Gilmore girls wore a lot of hats, but Lorelai’s beanie collection was a force to be reckoned with. Now that you’ve inevitably run out of dry shampoo after dousing your hair in it all summer, it’s time to give yourself a well-deserved break and throw on a beanie on those lazy mornings. Just let everyone believe it was a stylistic choice.


Find a weird festival
If Stars Hollow taught us nothing else, they at least showed us how to throw the world’s strangest most entertaining festivals. Someone is definitely throwing a celebration of apples within 50 miles of where you live. Google it.


Make sure you’re registered to vote
There’s really no question which side of the Presidential election the Gilmores would fall on this year, but regardless of whether you agree with their politics, they’d want you to vote. Here’s everything you need to know.


Eat the most food
Think of it as training for four Thanksgiving dinners. Order Chinese food and a pizza in one night, because as Lorelai taught us, Chinese food is always better stale. Whip up one of our Gilmore girls recipes, throw on a baseball cap and flannel shirt, and bask in your Luke Danes glory. Find your local equivalent of Al’s Pancake World – they’re probably the ones hosting an Ode to Apples. Just because it seems weird that something is Pumpkin flavored doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat it.


Buy some new books
Maybe it’s because it’s back-to-school season, but something about Fall makes it feel like the season to stock up on new books. Grab a few off of Rory’s reading list and get cozy.


Tailgate at a football game
Not everyone likes sports, and that’s perfectly fine. Lorelai doesn’t like sports, and she still went to a tailgate and learned all about the Fun Flask. It’s an educational experience. Just do it. Yes, it starts early. But there’s free food!


Prepare yourself for a Halloween-induced sugar coma
By the time October 31st rolls around you’ll probably be far more excited about the idea of throwing a pumpkin out a window than eating anything that remotely tastes like one, which is why candy exists. The more (unhealthy), the merrier. Don’t forget the huge candy sale on November 1st. That’s the real Gilmore way.


With only 64 days to go until Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life hits Netflix, it’s the perfect time of year to embrace your inner Gilmore. The season of great weather, great fashion, and great food is upon us, darlings.


Images courtesy of Giphy

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