Buying My First House Has Given Me HGTV Brain

Yesterday, my husband and I closed on our first home. It isn’t a house that we are planning on spending forever in—or even 10 years—but we are undoubtedly proud, excited, and freaked out that we are now responsible for a little slice of land, along with an 1,100-plus-square-foot house.

What’s even scarier is how much being a new homeowner is already having it’s effect on me. I’m not planning on decking out the house like there is no tomorrow, but I’m at the point of choosing house colors and imagining what the front porch will look like for the holiday season. With that being said, here are some of the things of which I am now finding myself thinking and obsessing over, as a new homeowner.

Yard Of The Month

As horribly embarrassed as I am to admit, I am now dreaming of winning Yard Of The Month. A couple of days ago, I found out my neighborhood has a neighborhood association page on Facebook and that that YOTM is one of the highest honors the neighborhood can bestow upon its residents. Sure it is a bit dumb, petty, and there may not actually be a physical reward to receive. Who cares that a random group of people who live in the same neighborhood as I do gather round, decide whose grass looks greenest, mulch looks neatest, and flowers looks prettiest?  I do and I’m going to win.

Wall Colors

I’ve always been one to think over what colors the walls in my home would be, but now that I actually have a house, it’s different. I know how much light comes in through the windows and how the rooms look in the morning versus in the evening. I also know it’s not entirely up to me—I have a husband that I have to compromise with on paint color. For the past few weeks, my second home has been Home Depot, where I’ve been pacing the paint aisles. I’ve taken to muttering under my breath while I shuffle the paint color cards, trying to decide on colors with names like Winter’s Frosty Mint and Elf Hat. And that’s only when contemplating one room.

Being Able To Smash In A Wall (or anything we want)

It’s not that I actually want to demolish a part of my house, but the idea is tempting. My husband and I are now only starting to grasp the concept that we can do whatever we want to our place. We can paint the walls whatever color we choose, do anything we want in the yard, redo the shelving, throw a cinder block through the wall, or run through our glass door if we wanted to. No one is there to tell us we can’t, and no landlord that we have to ask permission from. All the power rests with us (cue evil laugh). 

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Rusty Fences

I’m now finding myself fussing over the fence that grates the ground, the fan with the cord trailing on the ceiling and down the wall, and the not-so-pretty cinder blocks propping up a garden bed in front. True, there is nothing audaciously hideous about these things whatsoever, but now they are part of the home that I don’t just live in, but which I am co-owner of. Now, the fence that grates the ground as you push it open, and the not-quite-level fence are no longer charming features of an older home. Instead, they represent the disappointing defects within my very essence. Am I exaggerating? Quite possibly. But does that make it any less serious of an issue? Certainly not.

Other People’s Homes

As I drive through neighborhoods, pass by home after home, I’ve noticed a change in the way that I look at each house and yard. I’m no longer just thinking how cute/pretty/ugly/messy a house and it’s surrounding land looks. I now look at homes with, if not a more trained eye, at least a more critical, one. I see if they have paid more attention to yard care versus house care; if they need a new paint job; or how they could rearrange their flower bed to look even better. I look at the aging fence, but then I understand why they’ve let that go as the roof looks like it needs replacing. I’m even starting to understand why people get upset over dogs peeing in their yards. 
These are just a few things on my mind as a new homeowner and I’m sure many more concerns will arise the more I get acclimated to my new place. But now, I’ve got to go unpack and fuss over how clean the carpet looks after it’s been steamed. 

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