11 Gilmore Girls Episodes That’ll Take You Right Down Memory Lane

There’s something singularly enjoyable about sitting down and watching my favorite mother-daughter duo with a cup of coffee in hand (naturally), a pile of junk food on the table (Twizzlers, anyone?), and inserting myself into the quirky and lovable world of Stars Hollow. It is a welcome break from reality, and while almost every episode is great (ignoring basically all of the sixth and seventh seasons in that sentiment) there are a few standbys that I go back to again and again.

Season One

Forgiveness and Stuff, Episode Ten

Yes, the Santa Burger episode. This episode is a roller coaster of emotion, from Richard collapsing and going to the hospital to Luke coming to the rescue with coffee and awkward hugs to Emily verbally abusing a not-yet-famous Jane Lynch. The most heart-wrenching part of the episode comes when Richard brings up dying and Emily, true to character, “demands to go first,” and Richard concedes. This moment in their relationship not only highlights Emily’s dominant nature over Richard, it also shows that underneath their facades, they truly love each other and depend on each other.


That Damn Donna Reed, Episode Fourteen

Remember when Luke and Lorelai almost kissed on the floor of the diner and everyone watching at home shook their heads in unison when they didn’t? Me, too. In this episode, both Emily and Sookie confront Lorelai about her (obvious) feelings for Luke, doing what all of us loyal fans have wanted to do since their first scene together. Their chemistry is one of the elements that drives the show, and it comes to a head for one of the first times in this episode. If only we didn’t have to wait three more seasons for them to finally get over themselves and get together.


Season Two

A Tisket, A Tasket, Episode Thirteen

There is so much to love about this episode. Luke feeding Lorelai at the diner after he saves her from unfavorable suitors. Ms. Patty’s set up at the basket auction. Jess outbidding Dean on Rory’s basket in a move that, while slightly obnoxious, had Jess fans cheering as they chatted about literature at the pond. The overall quirkiness of everybody participating in yet another weird-as-hell yet endearing town tradition. And, most importantly, Jackson and Sookie getting engaged. Let’s forget about Luke and Lorelai for a second and celebrate the #couplegoals that these two are.


I Can’t Get Started, Episode Twenty Two (Finale)

To me, this is easily one of the craziest finales of the show. Christopher and Lorelai reach a turning point in their relationship, seemingly for the better (in the eyes of Emily and Rory), until he, in true Christopher fashion, screws everything up. We can all agree that Chris is (largely) the source of all evil, right? Rory and Jess kiss showing a moment of true character development for Rory, and finally cementing the shift in their relationship over the season. And one of the shows OTPs finally gets married. I’ll never get over Sookie and Jackson.


Season Three

They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?, Season Three, Episode Seven

The infamous dance marathon at last! Dean, our flippy haired friend, finally stands up for himself and acknowledges what Rory and Jess refuse to see; that they are in love with each other. Jess fans rejoice, even though you gotta feel bad for the guy. Jackson tells Sookie he wants “four in four” (oh hell no, dude) which is hilarious but terrifying at the same time. Kirk is insane as ever, and makes it his mission to beat Lorelai and Rory in the marathon, even through all the drama. Gotta love Stars Hollow traditions.


Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving, Episode Nine

Drunk Sookie, guys, drunk Sookie. Also, Lane and Dave kiss and somehow this is the first time in this post I’ve brought up everyone’s favorite undercover rocker/best friend. I love Lane and I adore how innocent her first love is. All the hoops, and finally that sweet first kiss. Obviously Dave is no Zach, but you gotta appreciate that time he ate Mrs. Kim’s fake egg salad sandwich. Just sayin’.


Season Four

Last Week’s Fights, This Week’s Tights, Episode 21

The eccentrically charming Liz and TJ have the most Stars Hollow wedding that ever was, and you laugh-cried through the whole thing. Despite how Luke likes to seem, he has such a heart for his little sister and it’s so wonderful to see. Luke and Lorelai are ON FIRE at this wedding and all of us are screaming at home because our dreams are finally coming true. The most gut wrenching scene, though, was when Luke and Jess say goodbye. Their relationship has been something special since Jess came to Stars Hollow, and seeing this tender moment was the perfect resolution. Also, TJ’s tights.


Raincoats and Recipes, Episode Twenty Two, (Finale)

Luke and Lorelai finally get together, and it was absolutely worth the wait. Yeah, a ton of other stuff happened in this episode, too, (Rory losing her virginity to Dean-blech-and listening to Willy Wonka music afterwards) but come on. THAT KISS.


Season Five

Written In The Stars, Episode Three

Guys, he kept the horoscope for eight years, and I don’t know what else to say. I’m not someone who is into the mushy romantic stuff (in fact, I often feel repelled by those narratives), but their first date was so incredibly perfect and so incredibly them, that I indulged myself in my lovey dovey side. I mean, come on, when they discuss what albums Luke is going to need to get when they’re in bed at the end of the date? Someone send my future partner that scene, please and thanks.


Season Six

Bridesmaids Revisited, Episode Sixteen

Among all the weirdness of seasons six and seven, my mom and I always say how Lane and Zach’s relationship is basically the highlight of that dismal time. Their relationship is so realistic and charming and just normal, and their humour is on point (especially when they become parents). The moment when Zach proposes in the diner with his pawn shop ring and string of “I don’t feel good” sentiments is one for the books. As Babette aptly yells, “Kiss him, Sugah!”.


Season Seven

Lorelai? Lorelai?, Episode Twenty

When Lorelai drunkenly sings this song to Luke, you finally know everything is going to be ok. I’m not crying, you are.


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