The Completely Unforgettable Moments in Gilmore Girls

One of the best American comedy series (in my opinion), Gilmore Girls, has a special place in my heart and in the hearts of many of our editors, writers and readers at Literally, Darling. Everyone has a favorite Gilmore moment, whether it’s bit of banter between Lorelai and Luke, Lorelai and Rory (Lorelai with pretty much anyone), or a fantastic one-liner that you catch and makes you cackle like Babette and/or Miss Patty.

Whether it was the quaint, quirky town of Stars Hollow that hooked you into the show, or the charm of the main Gilmore girls who lived there, there’s no doubt that this show sprouted an enormous fan base, within and beyond the seven seasons the show stayed on the air. Now, thankfully, fans will have the chance to see even more with the Netflix revival of the show Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, we can all plop down on our couches or beds, surround ourselves with Thanksgiving leftovers, and binge the whole thing. However, before new material and new Gilmore-isms are said and moments are had, here are some of my favorite quotes and moments from the show.

Banter Bits

Bits of banter between the characters of the show are absolutely one of the best aspects of this show. They not only reflect the style of the writers but also give EVERYONE a sense of individuality and originality, something that can make or break a show. Even when you think a conversation is going in one direction, someone will bring up something witty, charismatic, or just plain funny and will remind you why you love this show. Below are a few of my favorite examples of banter between characters in the show.

Sookie and Michel – The Blueberry Pancakes

pancakes Sookie and Michel always know how to dish it out with one another, though it’s pretty much a guarantee that Sookie can stand toe-to-toe with our favorite grouchy, fit, Frenchman.

Lorelai and Emily – Vicious Trollop


 “Vicious Trollop” is one of the best moments between Lorelai and Emily. Though the relationship between this mother and daughter team is usually complicated and tense, it’s nice once in a while to get an easy moment when one isn’t belittling the other or when neither one is listening. It’s nice to see these two have a funny moment, like making fun of the name of a lipstick, and bonding over something as simple as makeup and getting ready.

Kirk Moments

Much like most of Kirk’s dialogue in the show, it’s hard to exactly say what aspects of Kirk makes him so hilarious to watch. That being said, some of his best moments are famous one-liners that really need no context.



Um…okay, Kirk.

But then there are moments when what Kirk says needs no explanation at all, because you oddly know exactly what he means.



What a guy, that Kirk.

Luke Moments

Most of Luke’s best moments are when he’s bickering with Lorelai, but there are also the classic Taylor V. Luke kerfuffles that feel like much like a needy toddler arguing with an old man (which is which is for you to decide.)

Unable to find a photo of this particular argument, here is the full rant from Luke in the episode where Taylor decides to set up the candy shop next to the diner.

“No, Taylor, no, no, no. And every day, from now ‘til the end of my life, I am going to come in here and say ‘Taylor, no.’ And when I die, I’m have them freeze me next to Ted Williams. And when they find the cure to what I died of, and they unfreeze me, my first words are gonna be ‘How’s Ted?,’ followed closely by ‘Taylor, no.’”

Also, as a side note who doesn’t love Luke’ reasoning for not wanting kids?



Gilmore Moments

Emily and Richard Gilmore might sometimes seem like uptight elitists on the outside, but overall they’re Gilmores and reflect the same amount of high-spiritedness and determination that their daughter and granddaughter exemplify. Whenever the Gilmores get together for a Friday night dinner, or a stuffy high-class event, there’s bound to be interesting conversation.


A snippet of the conversation, for those who can’t read the tiny writing, goes as such.

Emily: “You were on the phone.”

Richard: “Long distance.”

Lorelai: “God?”

Richard: “London.”

Lorelai: “God lives in London?”

Richard: “My mother lives in London.”

Lorelai: “Your mother is God?”

However, just like their offspring and grand offspring, sometimes things can get a little heated.


In these moments, especially this one where Richard and Emily’s relationship seems rocky, it’s kind of fascinating to get a sneak-peek into what really goes on in their household, and actually see that this couple can act just like any other married couple, even if the root of their arguments can get a bit bogged down by archaic thinking, like what two glasses of wine at lunch means in society.

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woman sitting on concrete seat while wearing green button up long sleeved shirt and mesh stockings

Paris Moments


Paris Geller is no doubt one of the most intense characters/people ever to be reckoned with on TV history. There’s no way I would ever want to get forced into watching an episode of Jeopardy, knowing how badly she’d beat me and anyone who’d try to beat her. It’s Paris’ tenacity and unwillingness to back down from a fight that made her a worthy opponent when it came to the art of sarcasm and witty-comebacks.


Paris’ reaction, for example, when Rory asked if Asher Fleming died while they were having sex is hilarious, and shows that even when she’s down, Paris is never down for very long.

Pivotal Series Moments That Made You Cry (Both Happy and Sad tears)

You’re a liar if you said there wasn’t a single moment you cried, or got a little weepy for those who are stronger than I, while watching Gilmore Girls. What about when Luke put his heart on the line for Lorelai?


Or before that when their love ship sailed off into open ocean with their first kiss?!



While all of Rory’s graduation speech was fantastically well written, the part about Lorelai always makes me tear up:


Lorelai and Rory Moments

Getting right down to it, who are the real stars of the show? That’s right, the Gilmore girls. These ridiculously strong, smart, charismatic women are what make this show so great, and the chemistry between Lorelai and Rory is quite frankly the strongest mother-daughter bond that I’ve ever seen.


They’re so wildly original, while also incredibly influenced by the time and culture, and when all that energy and knowledge is all squeezed into two tiny highly-caffeinated young women, there’s bound to be hilarious repartee.


Ultimately when you watch these two on screen you can’t help but wish you had someone you’re that close to, someone who will love you at your worst, your best, and everything in between.


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