15 Years After Smallville Where Are The Characters Now?

Fifteen years ago, Smallville premiered on The WB. If you don’t remember what The WB is then you are a baby and I’m proud of you for finding this gem of a TV show. The WB was the best TV channel before it merged with UPN and created The CW. If you’ve never seen Smallville before then you’re in luck, because HULU recently added it to their library. Smallville was really the first show that I was obsessed with, and while I occasionally convinced myself I didn’t like the show anymore, I always came back to it. In the 10 years that Smallville was on TV, we went through a lot with our favorite characters. We laughed and cried and waited and waited for Clark Kent to become the Superman we knew he could be.

When Man of Steel came out, I started thinking more and more on my favorite version of everyone’s favorite superhero. The Clark from Smallville is worlds different from Henry Cavill’s portrayal in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Ask any of my friendsI was angry, but instead of focusing on that, I thought I could share my idea of what I thought our old friends might be doing in 2016, 15 years after the pilot premiered.


He’s Superman. That’s a given. He’s also still a reporter for The Daily Planet, and a mild-mannered, glasses-wearing klutz. He and Lois have finally found the time and made it to the altar despite the constant threats from aliens/LuthorCorp. Clark also definitely makes time to be a big brother with the local Big Brothers, Big Sisters chapter and has since rented the Kent farm out to a local farmer while he and Lois take Metropolis by storm.




Ugghh. She is still super pretty and bossy and doesn’t take no for an answer. Unlike other Lois incarnations, Lois will do anything for the story, but doesn’t put anyone else in jeopardy even when Clark wishes she would tell him what’s going on. Unwilling to hang the hat on her fame from covering Superman stories, Lois gets involved in bigger and bigger scandals until she has to spend a little time in witness protection. She is trying hard not to make that mistake again.




Our other favorite intrepid reporter. She’s married to my favorite Green Arrow (Justin Hartley played GA/OQ before Stephen Amell became the title character in Arrow), Oliver Queen, and as seen in the finale, they have a little boy. Chloe and Oliver are still fighting the good fight mostly by giving money and time to charities and being role models for the next generation to get involved. Chloe hosts the Justice League Thanksgiving and still helps the team from time to time. She’s also become a world famous fiction author, selling stories about heroes saving people *wink wink*.




Married to the beautiful Chloe and he became the person no one thought he could be. His company is leading the world in green energy while he keeps Star City safe. He and Chloe travel the world in-between visits to foreign dignitaries. He still suits up from time to time, but more often can be found training the next generation of heroes.




Lana was last seen wearing a super-powered suit that absorbed kryptonite. She’s still got the suit and she has taken it upon herself to be a hero abroad. Lana resides in Paris with her husband, who is definitely a hot guy with a full head of hair and no desire to take over the world. She and Chloe still visit and she Skype every Thanksgiving to say hey, but she’s never come back to the town where her family died.




You’re lying if Martha wasn’t your favorite TV mom. She is currently on the campaign trail as Vice President on the first-ever all female presidential ticket. She is bringing her heartland values to the White House.




Pete is doing fine. He followed in his mother’s footsteps and became a lawyer. He then took his law degree to the FBI to help people the only way he is able. Pete Ross holds the FBI record for a number of Quantico’s physical challenges. It helps to train for your test with the strongest man alive. He was handy to have on hand when Lois needed some witness protection.




In a surprising twist to no one, Lex is alive and has been so far unsuccessful in reclaiming control of his company. He does, however, have access to his money, so obviously he is using his cash to try running for president. Not surprisingly, his platform includes a lot of hatred and misogyny. Good thing he’s just a fictional billionaire businessman with hair issues.



Let us hear your theories on what you think is happening to the world’s most famous superhero. Tweet us @litdarling!

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