Wearing Denim-On-Denim Without Looking Like You’ve Lost Your Mind

Before you shriek, say it with me, some rules are meant to be broken.

After all, isn’t that style to its core?

Consider fashion as a foundation and our style as what we make of it. Maybe the thing about fashion, and arguably its driving force, is the way it unfolds. How the trends that come and go always somehow find their way back. The nostalgia we wear in our hearts and our sleeves.

So with all that in mind, I’m here to debunk the once universally-accepted rule that denim-on-denim is entirely atrocious without looking like I’ve lost my mind.

Exhibit A) Denim, Remixed and Reimagined



Hi, this is denim-on-denim’s biggest loophole and dirtiest secret: the realization that head-to-toe denim never had to assume a monochromatic, tonal look. Pair denim in different washes and modernly redefined shapes. I’m picturing… a denim trench coat paired with your favorite worn-in t-shirt and classic black skinnies topped off with your go-to mules. Just like that, the denim staple meets its modern and who knew so effortless counterpart for a look of absolute perfection.

Exhibit B) One-and-Done Denim


A few months ago, I would’ve told you that a long-sleeve denim jumpsuit would leave you looking like a trucker. Until I realized that this once shunned  onsie seemed to become the unofficial uniform for every stylist in my office. Their trick? They didn’t let the jumpsuit wear them, they wore the jumpsuit, and more importantly, they didn’t rely on the jumpsuit. They added elements of surprise with statement accessories, unexpected layers, and capped off the look with staple Puma creepers (or really any sneakers for that matter). Suddenly, the ensemble takes form from gaudy to 100% I-need-this-outfit-rn wearable.

Exhibit C) The Denim Balance

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They say everything’s good in moderation, right? So think of it this way, it’s not what you’re wearing but how you’re wearing it. So wear denim-on-denim with ease. Mix washes and go for untraditional takes on the all-Americana fabric such as this ruffle crop top and high-waisted straight-leg kicks. It’s all in the proportions, and the key to mastering the mix is by softening the look with other textures like velvet shoes, wool hats, and cozy kimonos.

Do I rest my case?

Let’s go back to the notion that fashion works as a foundation for our style. So when applied here, treat denim as the root of your ensemble with all the other layers working as pieces that when strung together not only feel right, but feel most like you.

And if after finding a look that accomplishes just that still doesn’t seem or feel in style, then maybe nothing is.

Photo: Getty Images/Polyvore

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