How To Live Like Adele (Or At Least, Decorate Like Her)

I love Adele. I’ve been obsessed with her and her music since she first fell into my life when “Hometown Glory” was in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy circa 2008. Her music got me through my first big breakup (where, in the most stereotypical teenage girl fashion possible, I may or may not have blared “Turning Tables” and “Someone Like You” while crying in my car) and many other big defining moments since. I’m still bumping songs from 25 regularly. I will never be sick of Adele.

I wish I could be her, but I accepted that’s not possible a long time ago (for one, my singing skills are sorely lacking. And, alas, I’m not a sassy British woman). However, I recently discovered that she has a new house in Los Angeles, and it’s fit for the queen that she is. It’s also everything I’ve ever wanted in a home (and more). It’s a posh, minimalist house, but the charming décor and accessories also make it seem like a cozy (yet luxurious) cottage. In a twist of fate, I also recently moved into a new apartment. I may not be able to be Adele, but I can decorate like her. And you can too.

There are many elements of Adele’s home you can emulate without having the budget of a celebrity.

1. Cozy up your living room

Adele’s living room features a floral centerpiece, turquoise and grey couches, simple armchairs, a muted floral rug and a framed fairytale painting. To get the look, you could add a cozy armchair and some new decorative elements to your space. If you can’t buy new furniture, you can get the same effect by switching up your throw pillows (or even pillow covers for ones you currently have). To get a fancy photo frame for less, check your local thrift stores. A little spray paint can make an old frame good as new.

Beast’s castle painting, $40 (18X24 watercolor) / Ranunculus in Ceramic Pot, $14.99 / Tribecca Home Dillion Urban Rolled Arm Upholstered Sofa, $434.99 / Giroflee Ivory Area Rug, $189.99 (7.7”X10’10”) / Oliver Blooms Antique Flower Pillows, $29.92 / 4 Piece Conley Vase Set, $39

2. Create a minimalist office

This office space is the perfect place for reading, writing, or just generally getting shit done. It’s well organized, with lots of storage and lighting, but maintains the minimalistic look of the rest of the house with a few cute decorative elements. Get the look yourself with a white desk, some thoughtful decorations, and a chic grey office chair.

Bedoya Parsons Chair (set of 2), $252.99 / Tinley Linen Sloped Armchair, $214.99 / Nearly Natural Orchid Arrangement, $36.54 / Hemingway Pencil Cup, $19.95 / Sweetbriar 30” H Table Lamp (set of 2) with Drum Shade, $54.99 / Writing Desk, $110.19

3. Make your bedroom simple and chic

Adele’s bedroom has a great mix of color and neutrals. I love the lilac wall shade, the fancy rug and the simple bedspread. Add in some small touches of style like a vintage flower poster, faux flowers and a revamped light fixture, and you’re on your way to completing the look.

Behr Twilight Pearl Paint, $25.96 per gallon / Madison Park Quebec 5-Piece Queen Comforter Set, $99.99 / Patriot Lighting Elegant Home Brody 1 Light Pendant, $89.99 /  Sandberg Furniture Andorra Dresser, $369.99 / Knobend Arizona Fringe Throw Blanket, $21.99 / Blushing Pink Florals III Art Print, $20.99

4. Build your perfect reading nook

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I live in an apartment, so I have one bedroom and one living room to style. You may live in a full house you can decorate to your heart’s desire, or you might face the renting dilemma too, where you can’t change much. Don’t fret! You can still incorporate many other elements of Adele’s home style wherever it fits your space. Take, for example, her cozy window seating area.

Don’t have a picture window? Create your own nook in a living room or bedroom corner. You can turn most unused spaces into a reading nook of some kind, since you don’t need a lot of space for an armchair and side table.

Ashley Klorey Accent Chair, $159.99 / Plaid Throw, $19.99 / 20X20 Damask Pillow, $16.99 / Mixed flowers in a flower pot – purple, $14.44 / Kellie End Table, $61.99

Try any of these elements wherever they fit in your space to bring a little of Adele’s cozy home interior into your own. It’s all about the simple, elegant touches: white and purple floral arrangements, cozy blankets, floral rugs, minimalistic furniture, and vintage nature prints. Keep the furniture neutral and add decorative vases in earth tones, and finish it off with a few simple table lamps and more statement pendant lighting.

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