10 Reasons The 2016 Election Isn’t a Complete Disaster

As November 8 looms ever closer on the horizon and we as a nation collectively look back over the events that led us to this point, it’s easy to feel despair. The past eighteen months have brought more than their fair share of insults, spray tans, and pantsuits. There’s been horrible leaked recordings and poor email decisions and plenty of hatred and distrust on all sides.

In the midst of the madness, it’s easy to forget the moments of light and laughter that have come along the way. So as America braces for impact let’s take a look down election memory lane and remember all the good things that have happened over the past eighteen months.

Twitter, as always, reminded us there’s some good worth fighting for with on point memes and hilarious commentary that showcased the best of humanity.


Kate McKinnon made Clinton Human

The brilliant comedian Kate McKinnon’s impersonation and re-interpretation of Hillary Clinton’s persona made one of the most disliked and robotic politicians of all time human and hilarious. It is, quite simply, miraculous.

Michelle Obama went high

After years of being low key awesome, First Lady Michelle Obama stepped into the spotlight in a new way this summer by going high.

The time of our life remix of the second debate. No commentary necessary.

Hillary Clinton literally cracked the glass ceiling by becoming the first woman nominated for President by a major party.

The Clintons reminded us of the simple magic of balloons

In more great Hillary Clinton memes, there is the infamous shimmy from the second debate that made all of our dreams come true.

Young people are more engaged than ever

In February, FiveThirtyEight reported that college freshmen were more politically engaged than in recent years with over 60 percent planning to vote in the election, an increase of 10 percent from two years previous.

Finally and most importantly, more people are registered to vote than ever before

Earlier this month, America hit a new registration high by having 200 million people registered to vote. This means over 50 million people have registered since 2008. Perhaps the biggest thing that will come out of the horrors of this election season is that it has been horrible enough for people to care to vote.


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