15 Timey-Wimey Gizmos To Gift Your “Doctor Who” Fan Friends

I started watching Doctor Who at the beginning of the year during a few days off when I was out  sick. The incredibly quirky show grabbed my attention immediately. The show balances heartwarming moments with grave, death-defying situations. Better yet, the revolving door of Doctors and their companions each give us different levels of dimension and plot twists.

Each Time Lord fan needs a plethora of merchandise to complete their collection. Believe me, there’s seemingly unlimited amount of merchandise to choose from. It was difficult to choose my top 15 choices, including the villains. Merchandise featuring the playful Adipose to the terrifying Weeping Angels can be found. Your collection is rather incomplete without a life sized TARDIS to whiz around the universe in and a wibbly-wobbly wine glass to sip your favorite alcohol.

Warning: spoilers ahead

1. Doctor Who dictionary print

1. Dr. who picture.pngThis could possibly be the most innovative dictionary print I have ever seen. The Eleventh Doctor is highlighted with the TARDIS as well as Big Ben. This original design will complete any Doctor Who admirer’s collection.


2. Wibbly-wobbly wine glass

2. Timey Wimey.png

The Tenth Doctor, David Tenant, attempts to explain time travel: “People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually—from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint—it’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly… timey-wimey… stuff.” This wine glass takes a whimsical spin on the Doctor’s ramblings.


3. Sonic screwdriver pizza cutter

3. screwdriver.png

Sonic screwdrivers are always there to save the day in Doctor Who. This pizza cutter can fight extraterrestrial beings and always cut your pizza. Win win situation here.


4. TARDIS Yahtzee

4. Yahtzee.png

I fangirled all over this item when I first saw it in the store. The TARDIS, acting as the Yahtzee “cup,” makes quite a racket while shaking the dice.


5. Life-sized TARDIS

5. Tardis.png

Doctor Who fans, your dream has finally come true. You can now know what it’s like to fly around the universe with your favorite Doctor. I’m not responsible if it appears as small on the inside as the outside.


6. Weeping Angel heat-changing mug

6. Weeping Angel Mug.png

These weeping angel statues are for nightmares. Just don’t blink and they won’t harm you while drinking from the mug. Easy enough, right?


7. “Working Off My Adipose” tank

7. Adipose Tank.png

The fat just rolled off the people in the episode, so perhaps wearing the tank top will help in less harmful ways. This Doctor Who reference will probably confuse most people at the gym. Then again you might make some new friends, too.


8. Blanket

8. Blanket.png

Now you can snuggle up in this poly-fleece blend blanket as you watch the show. The two sizes allow for it to be a throw or a cover for the entire bed. You can travel through “past, present and future” with this blanket.


9. Time Lord fairytales 

9. Digital Book.png

The book is written in a fairytale -style as told to young Time Lords. Now you can read about Doctor Who right before bed and fantasize about being a Time Lord yourself.


10. TARDIS trash can

10. Trash Can.png

Throwing away items in the trash bin takes on a whole new level of amusement. However, your office mates might not be as amused by the noise. At least until they test it out for themselves.


11. Ride in a Dalek

11. Dalek.png

Hopefully this can be made in adult sized, because many adults would love to take a spin in this Dalek. The Daleks intriguingly shift from robotic in the series to becoming more human-like with emotions and thought processes.


12. All of time and space bracelet

12. bracelet.png

Wear this quote on a bracelet that was featured in the Eleventh Doctor’s first season trailer. “All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?” This quote exemplifies the dreamer in the eleventh doctor.


13. TARDIS-scented candle

13. Candle.png

Have you ever wondered what the inside of the TARDIS smells like? I always pictured a metallic, perhaps musty smell. This candle offers a more pleasant take of “notes of amber, tobacco, and sweet vanilla and we combined that with a bit of sweet beachy air.”


14. Rock those socks

14. Socks.png

These themed socks let you rock eccentric Doctor Who patterns. One set of socks features an “I heart the Doctor” patterns with two hearts. Perfect! Especially since Time Lords always have two hearts.


15. Umbrella

15. Umbrella.png

I saved the best item for last. I never really considered paying $42 for an umbrella before. The dreariest day will be brightened by this rather inventive take on the TARDIS.  


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