How To Throw A Gilmore Girls Viewing Party The Lorelais Would Be Proud Of

Let me be very frank with you, in the wake of the recent election, I’ve been finding it very difficult to turn my attention to anything but news and events surrounding the aftermath of America’s decision. I’ve spent much of the past week feeling like returning to my regularly scheduled programming was no longer an option considering the way things turned out.

However, after several days of little sleep and even less peace of mind, I let myself slip into a deep Gilmore Girls abyss. After all, the revival airs in two weeks, and if I want to throw a proper Gilmore Girls viewing party then I’ve gotta get going on my plans. Because if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that the Gilmore Girls are grieving just as much as I am over our President-elect. (Can’t you just hear Lorelai asking how Trump manages to get anything done with those tiny hands? Ooh, I wonder if he can open a can of soda with his stumpy fingers…) In order to pay homage to the mother-daughter duo I love so dearly, I’ve put together a list of Gilmore Girls viewing party necessities for you and your pals to dive into come November 25th.


The Food

Let’s be real. Food was one of the most important parts of being a Gilmore, and I suspect the upcoming revival will be no different. The Gilmore Food Pyramid includes, but is not limited to: pizza, Pop Tarts, ice cream, Chinese takeout, cheeseburgers, pancakes, french fries, mallomars, red vines, donuts, popcorn, and… just about any other junk food you can get your hands on. Take a cue from The Domestic Kitchen and get the supplies for you and your pals to roll your very own Gilmore Girls dessert sushi. Did I mention having a black hole for a stomach is a necessary part of being a die-hard Gilmore Girls fan? You’re going to be marathoning, this is no time to go light on the snacks. Even if it is the day after Thanksgiving. Lorelai would be proud of your dedication to finishing those leftovers and ordering a pizza. Just saying.

The Drinks

Coffee, obviously, goes without saying. Though the Gilmore Girls would rather die before succumbing to the ways of decaf coffee, depending on what time you’re starting your party, you may want to consider having a decaf option available for those who aren’t prepared to stay up all night like they’re studying for their finals at Yale. Looking for something with a boozy kick? You can pay homage to the Gilmores with two different cocktails. “The Rory” from Rory’s 21st birthday party at her grandparents (it was just so pink), for which you can find the recipe in the Eat Like a Gilmore cookbook. Or, trust in Miss Patty’s Founder’s Day Punch, and make up a big batch and watch the magic unfold.

No Cell Phones

Well of course you’ll have cell phones. But the No Cell Phones sign is what really counts here. Because how many times did Luke have to shove his finger at the sign when Lorelai would get a call from Rory, or the Inn, or Sookie? Plus, documenting your Gilmore Girls viewing party is a must. But be kind, at the very least turn your phone on silent for optimal Gilmore viewing. Create your own sign, or download this printable version from the most excellent Gilmore Girls blog (and feel free to get lost over there for a few hours, it’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy and prepared for the revival), Finding Stars Hollow.

The Coffee Cups

Let me tell you, there are a plethora of Gilmore Girls inspired coffee mugs out there. (I may or may not have three of my own sitting in my cupboards right now.) However, perhaps the most authentic of the bunch would be a nod to Luke’s, no? Try these adorable disposable Luke’s Diner paper coffee cups if you’re expecting a crowd, and if you’d like to send your guests off with a token from the party, try a more permanent Luke’s Diner coffee mug.

The Shnickelfritz

You know, the schnickelfritz.

The Team

Yes, you have to pick a team. And no, I’m not talking about Dean, Jess, or Logan. Because it’s 2016 y’all, and I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping for bigger and better things for our girl Rory. (Plus, everyone knows that Rory and Paris was the real love story of Gilmore Girls, amirite?) So prepare yourself to pick a pin, and pick a team. Team Rory, or Team Lorelai. Are you the responsible type? Did you study a lot, read a lot of books, and have an affinity for oxford button downs? Or are you more the rebellious type? You know, the kind who wears a feather boa just because, blackmails your local diner owner for free donuts, and can often be found making mischief in the town square? Pick a side, any side. As long as it’s a Gilmore side.

The Bingo

Last but not least, prepare yourself for a very Gilmore edition of Bingo. Thanks to Britni over at Play Party Plan, you and your pals can play bingo all night long with these free printable Gilmore Girls bingo cards. Be sure to stock up on candy to use as your markers, to make those Gilmore Girls proud.

Now kick back in your comfiest pair of sweatpants, pile on the junk food, and get ready to marathon the hell out of the Gilmore Girls, because you’ve got your work cut out for you. And a whole lot of coffee to drink.

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