How To Give Gifts Like You Actually Have Money

Tis the season to DIY! Getting presents for everyone on your list is crazy expensive. It’s always been said that gifts that are from the heart and are made out of love are the most cherished. But if you give your friends another melted crayon wax art piece or hand painted ornament, you won’t have to worry about being invited to the Christmas party next year. The best DIY gift is the one that looks like you actually spent money.

1. Pressed Flower Phone Case

Make a pretty and delicate phone case for you and your flora obsessed friend. The tutorial calls for a plastic clear iPhone case, of course a plastic clear case for any kind of phone will do.

2. Gilded Edge Agate Coasters

These coasters are the perfect gift for your friend who loves to host or likes to decorate with a few luxe touches. The agate coasters found in catalogues tend to be pretty pricey, but you can DIY these for much less if you can find a cheaper source for flat agate on Etsy, Ebay, or even Urban Outfitters.

3. Metallic Rope Throw Basket

Make a complete cozy gift basket with a fuzzy blanket and a box of tea for your comfort-seeking pal.

4. A Cute Cat Printed Scarf

Make this scarf to keep your feline-obsessed friend cozy. The tutorial uses a linoleum block stamping method, but a carved potato stamp would also work. Get creative and carve out other simple patterns.

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5. French Macaron Ornaments

These ornaments are super pretty and easy to make with any old bottle caps lying around. These would be great attached to tags on larger presents or given in a cute box that looks like it came straight from the le Ladurèe.

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