16 Wines Under $20 For Every Person On Your List This Year

Wine is a classic, simple gift that you could likely give to every person on your Christmas list. Problem is, people are very different, and you likely can’t buy the same bottle of wine for every person on your list without at least a small chance they’ll regift that bottle to someone else. So, here are 16 different wines you could buy for literally any type of person on your list.

1. For your partner’s parents:

Take the pressure off by bringing a bottle of
Sterling Chardonnay (~$15). It’s a white (so no stained teeth if they want to open it with you!) and matches well with chicken, light pasta or seafood, in case they save it for the holiday dinner they invited you to. Impress them more by giving them these tasting notes.

2. For the person who always grills out for parties:


Football, birthday celebrations, housewarmings, holiday parties—if there’s a gathering, your friend is grilling. Give them a bottle of Sterling Cabernet Sauvignon (~$18), as it pairs well with everything from filet mignon to barbecued ribs. Check out these tasting notes, too.

3. For regular wine-drinkers who want to switch it up:


Try throwing a few bubbles into the mix with Tommassi Filodora Prosecco (~$18). Also perfect as a gift for the hosts of your many holiday parties this season. Give them a copy of these tasting notes as well.

4. For the inexperienced wine-drinker:


Barefoot Red Moscato (~$8) is the perfect introductory wine, as it tastes more like juice than anything else. Plus, it won’t put a dent in your budget if they don’t like it so much.

5. For the people you want to impress:


Recommended by an LD staffer who worked in fine dining, Shatter by Trinchero Family Estates (~$15-20) is guaranteed to impress their palates while impressing your wallets.

6. For the co-worker who needs to chill out:


Relax Riesling (~$12) is perfect for a subtle, yet friendly way of telling your cube-mate to calm tf down.

7. For the fruit-lover in your life:

jamjarFilled with the flavors of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries with chocolate undertones, Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz (~$11) is perfect for those morning smoothie-drinkers.

8. For the person who literally just doesn’t liven near a Trader Joe’s:


$2 Buck Chuck (a.k.a. Charles Shaw [~$2-3]) is a rite of passage for many people who live in cities with enough people to warrant the building of a Trader’s. Everyone should try it at least once. Try the cab.

9. For the person who listens to a lot of Rick Ross:


Bully Hill Dry Rose (~$10) will give them a great excuse to yell “Rozzay” over and over.

10. For the person who wants to re-enact a Charles Dickens novel:


Let them try their hand at making spiced wine with the Apple semi-sweet fruit wine from Nissley Winery (~$13). Try this recipe from Ina Garten.

11. For the cookie-over:


14 Hands Winery’s Chardonnay (~$12) has hints of butter, caramel and vanilla—perfect for those people constantly burning Vanilla Sugar Cookie Yankee candles (or the off brand from Walmart, but you know).

12. For the friend who has outgrown $2 Buck Chuck and boxed wine:


See Also
photography of blue ceramic coffee cup

For the person whose tastes have matured past the bottom shelf of the wine aisle, give them a bottle of Leese-Fitch Pinot Noir (~$13).

13. For your friend who still believes in wine pong:


In college, celebrating #WineWednesdays with wine pong was definitely a thing, but not so much anymore. Resurrect the tradition but skip the Franzia—try buying Bota Box’s Moscato (~$25 for three liters).

14. For the person who saves their bottles:


If your friend is always collecting their wine bottles for crafts or flower vases, give them the Field Theory Albarino (~$18), which comes in a super neat, minimalist bottle that they can use as decor when they’re done.

15. For the white-wine drinker trying to get into red:


Starting someone used to white on a red blend is probably the best way to go, and the Menage a Trois Red (~$9) is a great starting place.

16. For the person whose diet is literally 93 percent Italian food:

robertmondaviMatch this Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon (~$12) with a large cheese pizza and you’re sure to find the way straight to their heart.

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Literally, Darling received Sterling Chardonnay, Sterling Cabernet Sauvignon and Tommassi Filodora Prosecco at no cost as potential products for review.

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